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Returning to the nightmare

It was Mid-May when the summer moon shone brightly through the foliage of the Fells and illuminated Snow mumbling in his sleep. He was in babbage, walking the grime covered streets, the smell of blood mingled with the smoggy air.  Strange wires covered the city, a gang of dogs on terrifying cycles roamed the streets, and other creatures hid themselves from sight.

Snows worried about everything he saw, but hidden things were hunting him.  His ears perked and his heart raced, beside him, the wolf, the part of him who finally had come to accept that they were one, spoke quietly. “This…. this is…..wrong..”

Snow perked his ears and shivered,  “I have to return… we have to… its calling us…”

Snow felt the wolf lower its ears and agreed. With that snow turned as his ears picked up a sharp sound of a gun firing.  A feeling of cold dread he felt a sharp pain as the world started to spin as he fell to the ground.  Hands grabbed him and his awareness faded as he was dragged away.

Time became irrelevant as did his awareness. Sometimes it felt like he hadn’t moved in days, but one day Snow suddenly woke up with a loud yelp, he looks around as he was surrounded by the other werewolves most with worried looks on their faces, as he speaks up weakly “w… what happened.” He was no longer in his forest floor bed, as he blinks he was on a makeshift bed as his tail twitches as one of the wolves speak up “Snow what happened… you have been asleep.  a restless sleep, nothing we could do could wake you”

Snow blinks a bit and looks around, as things started to come to more awareness, they were in an abandoned cabin that looks as if it had seen better years as he slowly sat up.  He knew that he would have to talk to Rasend soon about returning.  Snow nods, the wolves in the pack had become his family he never had, he was a pup to them.  He had been made the same way as them, but they accepted and taught him much about being what he was. He slowly slid off the bed a bit shaky unaware how long he had been in that state “I… I must see Rasend” He says softly as he looks around.

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