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Results of 2nd Steampunk Trivia Contest

Congratulation to Kaylee Faulkner who won the L$750 prize.  The next trivia contest (date and time TBA) will be a little different, with questions concerning only our beloved New Babbage and its residents.  Below are the questions and answers from tonight’s contest:

1.      What is the name of Aeolus Cleanslate’s book-destroying build?  The Athenaeum

2.      What kind of animal is Blackberry Harvey?  rabbit

3.      What organ did Jack the Ripper supposedly send George Lusk?  kidney

4.      To which fictional men’s club did Mycroft Holmes belong?  Diogenes

5.      Who was the famous atheist that was barred from being seated in Parliament due to his refusal to take the religious Oath of Allegiance?  Charles Bradlaugh

6.      A horophile is one who loves what?  clocks

7.      Complete this sentence:  The Demon Barber of ______.  Fleet Street

8.      During what event did Dr. H.H. Holmes commit many of his murders?  Chicago World’s Fair

9.      Where is Perique pipe and cigarette tobacco grown?  St. James Parish, Louisiana.

10.  What was the first message sent across the transatlantic telegraph cable?  Glory to God in the highest; on earth, peace and good will toward men

11.  Who owns the Kahruvel Steamworks?  Salazar Jack

12.  What is the name of the underwater build where the Pearce anniversary celebration was recently held?  Lotus of the Sea

13.  The riverboat leadsman’s cry, “By the mark twain!” indicated a depth of how many fathoms?  2

14.  Nikola Tesla was working on what supposed project at the time of his death?   Death ray

15.  Thomas Edison demonstrated the dangers of alternating current by electrocuting what animal?  Topsy the elephant

16.  American-made moustache wax in the 19th century contained what as a major ingredient? Bear fat

17.  In which war was Rudyard Kipling’s son, Jack, killed?  World War I

 18.  Who was the primary police investigator of the Jack the Ripper murders?  Fredrick Abberline

19.  IV fluids were first used in the treatment of what disease?  cholera

20.  In Victorian lower class slang, what did the word “reeb” mean?  beer

21.  What was the pen name of Fredrick Chopin’s lover?  George Sand

22.  What is the chemical in wormwood that was once thought to give absinthe hallucinogenic properties?


23.  Who was the mastermind of the Great Train Robbery of 1855?  William Pierce

24.  What was the name of the first British iron warship to see action?  Nemesis

25.  Who first came up with the theory of natural selection?  Alfred Russel Wallace


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  1. Leia Rossini Leia Rossini June 25, 2011

    An excellent array of questions and several giggle-inducing responses too!  Thanks Giles for hosting.

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