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Report to Father Moonwall


Salutations to Father Moonwall.

I have yet to lay eyes on the dwarf Pip, even though I have  made it my habit to walk through the neighborhood daily to go up to take exercise the Gardens. The people who reside there no longer take notice of me. Mr. Underby was quite keen on me being in his business and allows me to read at the back table undisturbed.

I was reading at the newsstand a block away from the Bucket of Blood public house, when a fat man came and asked me if I was with the Church. As I turned, he threw a knife at my feet and told me to “Can my interest in the Bucket.” I leapt aside, expecting an attack, but none came, no, the man calmy withdrew his knife from where it was lodged in the cobblestones and walked away. This is a strange turn, as I was under the impression that Mr. Underby had taken a liking to me.

Brother Riddler found me not minutes later, he reported that the same man had accosted him the previous day near city hall. We stayed for a while, casualy watching the comings and goings at the Bucket of Blood from a block away. There were many people circulating on the streets, enjoying the cool of the evening, so our position drew no attention.

I admit to frustration. I will be patient.


Brother Martyn Malus





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