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Repairing a rift

Piper finally caught up with himself after the Geared-Up Jazz session in the Linguistics Studdies main room. Looking at himself he asked, “Is it all settled?”

His other self replied, “Yes. Weekly events on Saturday afternoons. But she can’t be found to help. I’m not sure if I/we have failed or not. And you?”

Feeling like he was looking in a flickering mirror Piper said, “The barge is anchored in Mondrago and the party lives on. She’s under stress, but I’m doing what I can.”

“Then it’s time,” he said in unison. Two figures stepped forward, turned to face the same direction and Piper  was suddenly alone walking down the street. Paisung at a blank wall he pulled out a piec of chalk and quickly drew a door on the wall. Turning the handle of the door, he opened it, stepped through and closed the door. The sound of the closing door knocked the chalk dust off the wall and the door was gone.

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