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Removing the Body from the Port waters

The Body had been there for maybe a week since it was first discovered. The Malitia had taken a look, the street urchins had poked it with sticks, but now it was smelling so bad it could be smelled above the usual sewer stench. 

So i was tasked with removing the body and placing it in the Babbage Mortuary. A task that involved lifting the stinking heavy water soaked corpse from the sea then dragging it on a makeshift sledge.

Those who had taken a close look earlier in the week spoke of how it was very battered and one Dr mentioned how the Archaeologist died as a result of falling from a great hight onto a hard surface rather than drowning. im sure there are plenty of buildings close to the water and the great wall surrounding the town towers higher than some of the buildings.

My mind entertaining flights of fancy as i drag the dead archaeologist through the snow. Did the beast kill, him, was it someone else, and who? the mysterious Malkuth, the Vengeful Van Greed? Greeky Gloom!?

While placing the body onto the table in the Mortuary i noticed something in his hand, a note… Shame i cant read.

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