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Regarding the Excelsior

EDIT: Just tonight we have managed to tread on the toes of the new owner of this locale, and bow to her right of ownership. This project has been discontinued.

(The following text is left as an example of hubris in action.)

Many weeks ago, I heard tell that the grand old Excelsior Hotel in Babbage Square was being closed down for reasons of health and safety, or so I am told.

As anyone who frequents the Engineers’ Sandbox above the Fells knows, I have been working on a rebuild, sweating blood and not a few Lindens on rebuilding the beast in (all together now) meshhh.

As I write this, the linksets for the north and south facades, and for the suites, have been finalised. What would have taken over a thousand prims is now looking to approach 300, if not 200, hopefully. So allow me to let you know what we intend with this build, and stick your sundry tuppennies in.

Firstly, rooms will still be to let, priced at a reasonable L$150/week. (This gives us a modest profit in full occupancy.) Depending on the final prim count once the build is completed, there may be enough prims per occupant to add one’s own furnishings, otherwise guests will have a fully furnished suite and the impetus to peruse local real estate listings.

As a draw, I will essay to script controls to alter the suite decor, allowing guests to redecorate from a nice dialog box and some judicious calls to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams().

Secondly, there will be three sections on the ground floor. Clockwise from northwest, there will be the Reading Room, whence Ms. Flood will present selections from antique radio shows, and in later days, possibly live readings from novels such as The Pickwick Papers or The Great Train Robbery, if our typist can find that old headset, thus allowing him to stand up straight as opposed to being hobbled over the desktop microphone.

Northeast will be the staff areas, where meals are putatively prepared, laundry is officially laundered, and management melts down, or some such roleplay rot.

South will be the expanded Ironwood Room & Smorgasbord, where tasteful and smallish soirees take place, and otherwise residents may stop and enjoy a pleasant meal from the array of dishes provided at any time. (Ms. Flood, having observed the location, has remarked that such events are likely to be decorous, as opposed to her intentions regarding the bar in Rookwood Brewery, which she is being rather vague about, but she has been looking at me rather strangely…)

In the middle, the hotel reception is in a fine atrium, complete with a lift on the eastern side to whisk guests to the appropriate elevation.

Anyway, that’s enough servings of skypie for one post. I have just checked prim counts; the finalised sections tip scales at 174 prims, a weighty concern, and the centre atrium is still over 100 – damn balustrades need re-meshing. Just based on that alone, ’tis likely that guests will be able to rez purchases to open them, but not enough to test their new furnishings, and will have to harrumph! and sulk in a pre-furnished suite in hues of their liking, and maybe hammer on the floors as revelry wafts from below.

So now, I turn to you. Any recommendations? Suggestions? Or are there sound reasons why Mr P., Ms F. and myself should simply chuck it, and chalk it up as a learning experience?

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  1. Nathaniel Lorefield Nathaniel Lorefield May 13, 2013

    I had considered trying out the excelsior at one point, but lack of funds deterred me. My plan had been to have some smaller, lower-priced, lower prim rooms on the second floor and then a few “luxury” rooms on the top floor. The idea with that was to catch some of the visitors that arrive via the train station arrival point with  really cheap rooms and still have a few spots for people that wanted a more long-term place as well. Just a thought at any rate. Good luck with your new endeavor!

  2. Maku Ibn-Selat Maku Ibn-Selat May 14, 2013

    I have just learned that one Ami Inaba has already taken possession of the site. As such, these plans are not only moot, but aborted.

    This is what comes of moving too slowly on the possession front and being too afraid of setback.

    We of Team PFV offer our apologies to Ami Inaba and beseech that worthy to let us know how we can make amends for our presumptuousness.

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk May 14, 2013


      here i thought you were working with her

      • Maku Ibn-Selat Maku Ibn-Selat May 14, 2013

        Alas. We were unaware, only visiting the site for measurements, and the meter rather longer ago.

        Nevertheless the parts are modular and no doubt will resurface in some other project. I’ve learned my lesson about concave hulls, thankee muchly.

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