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Rat Blood

A sense of Deja-Vu came over Jekyll that night. Once more, so it seemed, he was helpless to do much as Hyde wandered back in front of the hospital with blood dripping from his body. There was also a sense of dread, for here Hyde was out in the open, looking like some sort of psychopath that escaped the asylum down the street. Jekyll could only hope that Hyde was willing to listen to reason now… “Look, the hospital’s over there. Could you please rinse off before someone sees you-“

Hold on, damnit! I’m trying to get rid of these damn rats!

Hyde grunted as he dragged the bodies of 5 or 6 bleeding ROUSes to the asylum, dropping them in front of the brick wall so he could try and open the gate. “Huh… Barely even locked. Better let Professor V or someone know to get a padlock or something…” Here he picked up a ROUS and hid it behind a bush in the garden, hoping the asylum’s pet will enjoy it. Maybe he could put another one behind the gate in case the cat was particularly hungry.

“Honestly,” Jekyll scolded in a tone of disgust, “I understand you’re frustrated about Freya, but did you really have to take it out on the ROUSes in the city walls?”

Hyde scowled as the recent memories of what happened moments before entered his mind. “Yeah, thanks for reminding me, you bastard… Damnit, I almost had her!”

“No, we almost had her. Sonnerstien, Wright, and Clawtooth were chasing her too. It’s not their fault she started sprinting on all fours at super-human speeds.”

“Yeah, it was. Wright drew a gun on her! Remember?”

“Hyde. Calm down, please. At least we know a few things that could help us find her…”

“And that is?”

“Well, Freya happens to be Prometheus’ sister, she seems to be running away from his gang, she has Beryl, and she’s trying to help him.”

Hyde glanced about the area for signs of life, darting out of the gardens soon after to be sure nobody caught him in the act. Not that it was too big of a deal, anyways. They’re just giant rats.

“Really…?” Hyde mused, shutting the iron gate behind him, “Where are they?”

“Hm… Southwest, by the wall-“

“Where. Exactly?”

Hyde listened for a good answer from Jekyll, but there came none. “… I rest my case.” Here he scooped up the rest of the dead ROUSes and carried them to the nearest manhole cover, opening the lid to drop the bodies into the murky sewer waters.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

“There. No more dead rats. Happy?”

“Erm… You’re still dripping in blood.”

“… Fine. Fine. I’ll go rinse off…” Hyde grumbled as he shoved his bloodied hands in his coat pocket and stormed off towards the Hospital.

“Look, tomorrow is another day. Let’s just hope Freya will be more willing to cooperate in the morning.”

“After we scared her like that? Doubt it.”

“I don’t think a man who would bash a ROUS’s head against a brick wall is in any position to judge.”

“… Shut up.”

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