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Raptor’s Log: November 2, 188x

//Transcribed from wax tube recordings off a Raptor Co. Crow model personal recording automota, utilized as The Raptor’s biographer//

The raptor unvieled the latest minion today in his office, a series of security automotons, operated on basic difference engines to patrol the factory and keep out any unwanteds.

the Teslakahn Monowheeled Security Clanks with Interchangeable Tools of KillyDeath (tm, pat pend.) will be patrolling the immediate factory grounds, paired with the Raptor Co. Mr. Choppy to watch from on high.

 The factory itself is now fully operational.  Using imported parts as well as local Babbage gears, more specialized parts are manufactured on the 2nd floor by automoton workers.  Urchins were considered as a work force, but they tend to gum up the machinery, and left little for lunch.  The specialized peices needed for Raptor Co. automotons and clanks are deposited in the Raptor Co. Delivery Device for the Assembly Line (a large funnel to the ground floor), where a set of Mr. Titan assembly clanks work to assemble the various units as their punchcards instruct them to.

The automotons come out of the factory in dissassembled kits, but crated with easy to follow instructions.

 New models rolling out include the Type A12 Household model(the prototype for which, Nil,  has been assisting in the office,), the BountyCatcher1900, the Hunter, Mr. Choppy, The Crow, the Maintenance Orb Units, and the signature Mecharaptor.

While the basic automotons, Mr Choppy and the Tesakhan Monowheels utilize a punchcard or difference engine based programming, the more advanced models, the A12, Bountycatcher, Maintenance orbs, all utilize an advanced cognigator developed in Raptor Co. labs.

Also, each one is programmed to be ultimatley loyal to Dr. Dinosaur Runner, President and owner of the company.

-End Recording.

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