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Rab The Raptor P2 – On a walkabout

Mornington sat back in his home at the far side of Academy with his hoofs on the table and a warm cup of tea in another.  He had just finished fully stoking the fire, the first full fire since the end of the long cold snap at the beginning of this year.  He sat in his sofa all snuggled up as the roaring fire settled itself in…the start of another winter was approaching fast.

From behind in the entrance lounge he heard the tell tale, slightly off beat and slightly mis-tempo groaning and wheezing noise of what can only be Professor Xan’s old, antiquated…and stolen TARDIS landing.

Old Xan was a strange fellow.  An old fasioned timelord from the old days, now on his last regeneration and enjoying a quiet retirement working in one of the less visited old stock museums in ZigZag, Egypt.  The museum was a front, the real work that went on was in the basement, it was one of several large warehouses that the timelords uses to catalouge and keep specimens of flora and fauna of several time periods of planet earth, and several other planets within the same galactic region…and it was also a great place to pick up blackmarket coffee, tea, and the occaisional museum exhibit.

Xan ambled into the living room and stared at Vic who stood up to greet him.

“Jeeeeebus Vic, your putting on wheight…”

Vic looked down with a little look of shock on his face…

“Am i?!”

Old Xan chuckled

“too many hours spent in this city Vic, lazing around on this period victorian furniture in a period victorian steampunk timelocked and slightly out of phase city, and more importantly, eating all that rich victorian food…makes ya put on a few pounds that does.”

Old Xan was right, Vic was putting on a few extra pounds, over the past year or so his once tight belt was a couple of notches less tighter.  More than two years of sipping sweet tea, eating most of the hotels profits for the cake table and attending all those new restaurants popping up now and again made Vic’s once thin silhouette…a little less thinner. 

“What can I do ya for Xan?”

The old professor helped himself to a cream scone and some tea.

“I know you was recently visited by that mob from the High Council and since your still here and I havent been reprimanded it looks like whatever you done to get away with the little import scheme worked.  Thing is though Vic the ban on imports the mayor of this city has imposed has made things, difficult.”

Vic chuckled and looked at Xan

“Don’t worry about the ban, direct anymore blackmarket imports to my cabin in Steelhead, i’ll repackage and relabel it and send it from steelhead to port babbage on a ferry.”

“Vic, you have a plan for everything…ohhhhhhhh that reminds me, almost forgot..”

Xan held Vic a small black bag, and a large white bag with a bulky metal object in it.

“One of them is your request for some classic era Earl Grey loose tea, the other is a replacement monitor for the old timelock i used on that Raptor i sent ya”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh thanks Xan!”

Old Xan and Vic sat around for the next two hours chatting away and drinking some of that blackmarket Earl Grey.  It was late morning when Xan stepped back into his chinese cabinet and the old ship dematted.  No doubt Xan was going back to ZigZag to forge and falsify some more papers for exports.

Vic decided to walk to the Museum, foregoing taking the tram…he made a decision to walk a bit more, in the hopes of losing a few pounds of wheight before the heady days of December, and all those christmas meals popped up.

He made his way up the steps to the museum, opened the door’s and set the new timelock under the grass of the new exhibit, before leaving the museum to walk back to the hotel he gave ‘Rab’ the Raptor a pat on his neck, and left.

About 5 minutes after leaving, a strange buzz was heard from the new timelock, coupled with a strange groaning noise from deep under the basement of the old museum.  The museums floor seemed to shimmer, just for a split second, and it went back to normal.

When the shimmering stopped, Rab The Raptor blinked, just once…and he yawned slightly.  He jumped off the grassy exhibit area and sniffed around the immediate area that he was standing in.  Soon after another strange buzzing noise was heard, the floor of the museum shimmered just for a second…and the Raptor was back on his exhibit place.

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon October 2, 2011

    A little while later… Avariel snuck back into the museum, at least as sneakly as a clomping big clockwork unicorn could sneak, which this being the noisy industrial city of New-Babbage was quite sufficiently sneaky to avoid detection.

    Avariel Falcon looked at the dinosaur, and the dinosaur looked back at Avariel Falcon, but somehow this time the dinosaur looked back just a tad more intently than it had before, and then… Avariel thought she saw it blink! But that was impossible, so she filed the corupted record in her junk box and snuck back out into the night.

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