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Rab The Raptor P1 – Dodgeing the authorities

Mornington sat back with his hooves on the bar smoking another cigar.  He knew what was coming next.  He lit up his fine Montecristo, making sure to blow the smoke towards that strange empty peice of wall next to the irish upright piano.  He swirled around the neat Chivas Regal he poured himself and took a deep sniff of the blended malt…looked at his watch, and started counting down…

“and in 5…4..”

At 4 a strange groaning sound started to appear out of nowhere…


At 2 a strange small chinese cabinet appeared against the wall…

Mornington looked at the chinese cabinet…


A thump was heard as the chinese cabinet settled into place, Mornington took a deep long draw from the cigar and blew a big puff of smoke towards the cabinet as it opened up.  Two capped guards spilled out, one started coughing.  They flanked either side of the cabinet as an old man which white hair, and an air of pomposity walked out of the cabinet, his pompous smile was soon wiped off his face as he walked into a thick cloud of Montecristo cigar smoke.

Mornington turned round and raised his glass as the Cardinal.

“Cardy Patrice!  What brings someone from the high council to this backwater timelocked little city?”

Patrice glared at Mornington.  Ever since the debacle of Morningtons punishment at the hands of the High Council of timelords…which produced the legs and tail on Mornington, they both hated each other…but never admitted it.

“We know a crate was taken from Egypt, Mornington.  We know that old Professor Xan sent you the crate, it was timelocked, the contents of that crate was marked.”

Mornington looked at Patrice with a look of shock on his face.

“What?!  You know i dont have the resources to slip a crate thats tagged all the way from ZigZag to here on the same timestream!”

“Dont lie to me Mornington…you might be the former head of the Celestial Intervention Agency but former heads still have their contacts.  Wheres the crate?”

Mornington sighed…

“I dont have it”

With that he produced a slip of paper, which had the seal of the Government of the City State of New Babbage.  Signed by Mr Tenk, mayor of the city.  The seal letter was a declaration of all imports from the city of ZigZag being banned from landing on the docks.  It also declared that any and all imports addressed to Mornington was now impounded by the city state and fell under city state ownership.

Patrice looked at Mornington with a little bit of horror in his face…

“You mean…the crate is now under city ownership, imcluding its contents?”

“Yes, thats exactly what i mean Patrice.  The contents of the crate is now owned by a Miss Elleon Bergamasco…shes a ‘normal’ person, and the contents of the crate is now on display to the public”

“That breaks all known conventions of the known paleontology rules for this era!  The Utahraptor wasnt supposed to be discovered until 1935AD!”

“Well patrice, unfortunatley i dont own the crate anymore…its now city state property and as tiemlords…you folks cant interfere”

Mornington grinned at Patrice, the guards lowered their guns and stepped back inside the chinese cabinet.  Patrice gave one last glare at Mornington and stormed off into the cabinet, and after 5 seconds, the cabinet vansihed into thin air.  After a few seconds, a shadowy figure appeared out from the side entrance of the bar, it was Charlie Wilson, Mornington’s less than legal ‘go get’ man.

“He didn’t look too happy Vic…”

“No he didnt Charlie…no he didnt, but according to the laws he cant do a dang thing about it this time around”

Vic went back to smoking his Cigar, as Charlie stepped back into the shadows.

Mornington knocked his hoof hard on the floor of the hotel twice…deep down below a strange scratching and groaning sound was heard.  He looked into the amber colour of his chivas regal with a slight worried look on his face, downed the rest of the glass in one go, and started to walk over to the Dinosaur Museum to check on his new, stolen exhibit.

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg September 30, 2011

    *squints suspiciously at Victor and his newly-revealed tolerance for cigars*


    ((A great beginning!  Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds!))

  2. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs October 1, 2011

    Bookworm looked through the last of the reports on her desk. A name caught her eye, and she frowned, reading with more concentration. A crate had come to the docks for Mr. Mornington, and had, by order of Clockwinder Tenk, been impounded, opened, and its contents were now on display at the Palaeozoic Museum. She shivered a bit, feeling a sudden wash of déjà vu. Could it be happening again…

    Throwing on her jacket, she hurried out of the Militia Headquarters, moving toward the center of town. She climbed the steps to the City Hall hill, but turned to enter the Palaeozoic Museum next to it. She looked around, seeing the familiar giant dinosaur models. Then she spotted something new by the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    She walked closer, looking down at the sign. A “Utahraptor,” newly discovered. Believed to have hunted with its 7-inch claws. Bookworm looked closer at the large claws, and shuddered a bit. “A good thing it’s not alive anymore,” she murmured. She peered at it again, closely, unable to shake a feeling of unease, but there didn’t seem to be anything onto which to pin that unease. She finally left the museum, heading home.

  3. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn October 2, 2011

    Mr. Angkarn walked briskly through the streets of New Babbage, trying to clear his mind of the deed he had just assisted Mr. Lighthouse with. As he looked around, he noticed another poster for the new exhibit at the museum. “Ya know, a trip to a museum does sound like just the sort of thing I need to clear my head,” whispered Orpheus to no one in particular.

    A few minutes later, a very winded Mr. Angkarn entered the museum and sat down. As he looked at the dinosaur replicas on display, he pulled out a small leatherbound notebook and began to draw in it, copying the information from the placards underneath each model at the side of his drawings. “This sure is a much safer way to draw dinosaurs,” he said, again to himself. “Reminds me of the last time I tried to do a nature sketch of these mighty beasts.” Orpheus began to reminisce about the time when he was younger and he and a good friend had both taken their Tardises back to the Jurassic period. A raptor had attacked his friend, but he had made it out. “Good thing dinosaurs can’t pilot Tardises or we would all be in trouble!” joked Orpheus.

    As he sat there drawing the newly acquired Utah Raptor, he couldn’t help but wonder how the models were made to look so darn realistic….


  4. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon October 2, 2011

    Avariel Falcon the clockwork unicorn looked at the dinosaur, and the dinosaur looked back at Avariel Falcon.


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