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R.F.Burton Library Corner

Looking for something to do? Something new and different? Try one of these:

Alexandrian Free Library: (Caledon, Winterfell, Steelhead, New Toulouse, New Babbage, Amatsu Shima, West of Ireland, Deadwood & Al Andalus) Library Events for August 25 through 31, 2010.

Continuing Exhibits:

Caledon Library “Bookbinding and What It Might Lead To” A Book Arts exhibit curated by Incunable Sorbet
Sat 2010-04-03 – Tue 2010-10-05
Where: Whitehorn Library, Caledon Victoria City

Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco Musical Traditions
Wed 2010-4-21 – Thur 2010-9-30
Where: Toussaint L’Ouverture Community Library

The Origins of Modern Photography
Wed 2010-04-28 – Mon 2010-08-30
Where: Steelhead Public Library

Sun 2010-08-01 – Tue 2010-08-31
Where: West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center

Events of the Week:

Poetic Ponderings – Poem of the Month Discussion
Wednesday, 25 August, 2010
4:00pm – 5:00pm  SLT
Where: Caledon Library, on the Hub in Victoria City

A discussion of a new 19th century poem each month, led by Dame Kghia Gherardi. 
August: Ulysses – Alfred, Lord Tennyson
September: She Walks in Beauty – Byron 
October: La Belle Dame Sans Merci – Keats 
November: The Stolen Child – Yeats 
December: Hap & Neutral Tones – Thomas Hardy 
January: Mutability & Ozymandias – Shelley 
February: The Soul Selects Her Own Society, After Great Pain, a Formal Feeling Comes” & Wild Nights – Dickenson 
March: If – Kipling
April: Jabberwocky & The Walrus and the Carpenter – Lewis Carroll 
May: Tamerlane – Poe

“The Adventure of the Second Stain” with Sherlock Holmes & Gina Pralou
Wednesday, 25 August, 2010
7:00pm – 8:00pm  SLT
Where: West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center

Lord Bellinger, the Prime Minister, and Trelawney Hope, the Secretary of State for European Affairs, come to Holmes in the matter of a document stolen from Hope’s dispatch box, which he kept at home in Whitehall Terrace when not at work. If divulged, this document could bring about very dire consequences for all Europe, even war. This story involves a worried wife, an insane wife, an affair, blood, lies murder…see how Holmes and Watson sew up all the loose ends. Story in voice.

Great Folk Tales of Old Ireland with Shandon Loring
Thursday, 26 August, 2010
7:00pm – 8:00pm SLT
Where: West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center

Great Folk Tales of Old Ireland Storytelling has always been an intrinsic part of the Celtic way of life, a diversion as old as the race itself. Tonight join us for a taste of ‘Celtic Twilight’ with a few fireside legends from the hazy Irish mists of time.

FOURTH ANNUAL BOOKBINDERS’ BALL: “Neverwhere: imaginary Lands”
Friday, 27 August, 2010
4:00pm – 6:00pm SLT
Where: Anodyne Garden, Winterfell Anodyne

The Alexandrian Free Library Consortium and the Librarians of Info Island gather for their yearly literary masquerade, and all book lovers are invited to come join the fun. This year’s theme is “Neverwhere: literature set in imaginary lands.” so come as a character from a book set in an imaginary realm. Hobbits, elves, giants, mechanical creatures and Fabulous Beasts are all welcome. As usual, we’ll play our evening long guessing game where revelers try to guess what books inspired each other’s costumes, and the winner gets a full year of bragging rights.

Dubhna Rhiadra with Irish Warrior Tales
Sunday, 29 August, 2010
3:00pm – 4:00pm SLT
Where: West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center

Join our favorite Welsh storyteller for more tales of Diarmuid, part of the Fenian Cycle. The Celtic warriors (both men and women) rocked their time, and Dubhna’s telling of the tales rocks our world! Stories in voice.

“The Wisdom of Pooh Bear & More…” with Caledonia Skytower
Monday, 30 August, 2010
7:00pm – 8:00pm SLT
Where: West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center

More adventures with Pooh, Piglet, Christopher Robin and the entire beloved gang from David Benedictus’ “Return to the Hundred Acre Wood” – PLUS some bonus delights from “The Wisdom of Pooh Bear.”  All in voice!

 “Tales of Alaska’s Big Bears” with Gina Pralou
Tuesday, 31 August, 2010
7:00pm – 8:00pm SLT
Where: West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center
“Tales of Alaska’s Big Bears” features as-told-to tales collected by Jim Rearden, allowing us to vicariously experience frightening and fantastic first person encounters!  Rearden is well known in Alaska, having been a university professor, a biologist with the AK Dept of Fish and Game, editor for Alaska magazine and field editor for Outdoor magazine. Stories in voice.

Upcoming Events:

The September Project
For the third straight year, Steelhead Public Library will be participating in The September Project, a worldwide RL celebration of freedom and independence. During the month of September, we will be holding a series of readings, discussions, and other events about the novel To Kill A Mockingbird. Dates and times will be announced later, but we wanted to give everybody enough notice so they could read the book. All are invited to participate, and we invite other SL libraries to partner with us or create their own September Project events. For more information about The September Project, see

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