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Protests at the Militia


Hally examined the flyer several times trying to understand what it was trying to say.  The important thing was that a Moreau was being held without any evidence that they did something wrong. The cabbit went to the meeting and met several other Moreau and partial humans she had never met before being spoken to by Olivia Hoppwell.  She wanted to march in peaceful protest against the Militia and the ‘Bourgeoisie’ that directed them and to get them to release Omig from custody.

Several others raised their voices about the unjustice caused by the ‘rich’ of the city.  Victors taxes while he squandered his own resources on remodeling a building he claimed was tax-exempt.  Hally’s insurance company refusing to pay her claim when shehad lost almost everything in the fire except for what was in her bank account.  The injustices surmounted and the frenzy sent the group out with posters and chants to the exterior of the militia.

The Miliita tried to disperse them nonviolently after they barricaded the front door of the building with things they found on the street.  Some of the protestors even broke off some of the cities lamps to add them to the growing pile of sharp edges and barrels that would make getting over the barridace treacherous at best.

But for all of that Hally didn’t think that anything was getting done.  They needed to show they were serious, and so she decided to get out her flint and steel and went to find an oil lamp they had thrown into the barricade.  She doused her protest sign in it, knowing that nothing said a protest like a torch.  She didn’t notice the oil getting over all the wood under it and when she was striking  she’d had no idea her sparks would light not only her protest board but the barricade itself.

She fled before the Militia in the crowd realized what she had done screaming, “FIRE!”


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