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Professor Parx’s Personal Journal December 23rd, 188X

I am extremely annoyed. Having the initial batch of Lycium seized by the Militia over an obscure list was a setback but not entirely insurmountable. The alternate means of delivery for the triffid seedlings across the Iron Bay by airship should have been a simple matter. I think the Clockwinder has a spy amongst the telegraphy staff.

I’ve received a communique, delivered again by one of the city’s scruffiest child labourers, that my pilot, who said he had flown that way a number of times, was met mid-air by three other airships and ordered to turn back. The opposing pilots said they were acting on direct orders from the Clockwinder!

Was it a delayed payback for causing his glamour to be shut down or was the little gnome clamping down on all scientific experimentation within New Babbage? Pushing back the envelope of human ignorance is hard enough at the best of times. I mean look at the starting point. But stopping the importation of scientific specimens is going too far. What does he expect us to do, experiment on cats like some junior medical student?

Well perhaps it’s time to start returning the favour and making life difficult again. Happy New Year indeed.

*Parx hurridly scrawls a despatch notice to the Deccatronic Audio Company and heads down to the Telegraph office*

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