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Private Journal, May 26th

I met with the mistress again at a seaside cafe by the Paleology Museum and offered to buy her a dessert. She readily accepted. She appeared to be less interested in cooperating this time, even attempting to return my envelope at. The end of our meeting, from which I quickly walked away, pretending not to hear.

Fortune is still with me, for she could not resist the vial of perfume. I doubt the poor girl has ever has real perfume before. I flattered her, coaxing her to wear it for her lover. If I have the right man, and I am certain that it is him this time, she will have a night to remember.

Now to the dessert. The staff has quite the sense of humor. The pyre of the flambĂ© was so great that I was obliged to fix the set of my mustaches as the heat caused the wax to soften. Furthermore, the boy was nowhere to be seen to douse the plate in a timely manner, leaving the pudding encased in an impenetrable charred mass. The entire afternoon would have been a disaster if not for the girl taking the sample of Margarite’s scent.

I will avail to find her tomorrow morning to observe the expression of her character.

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