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Private Journal 12.19.18xx

* Private journal entry but feel free to comment *

Hello dear Journal and Merry Christmas !!

My continued efforts to locate Master Pocket have have still not resulted in any contact.  I have been stopping over to The Gangplank to play there and meditate with no success.  The spirits at the graveyard have told me that he has not repeated his appearance there either.  The scrolls lend no clue to this other space.  How very frustrating!!  I must be patient as I am sure there are reasons why these events are occurring.  I wonder if I “should throw in the towel” as it were and send a pigeon to the Temple?

I have finally bumped into Miss Lynwood.  It was at the ball this last evening and I had the chance for only a brief and hurried chat.  Not that I understood too much of what was said; cultural differences and such.  But one concept did filter through.  Miss Lynwood at one point said that Master Pocket was “bound”.  Now that I understand as in the Shinto belief we can bind harmful spirits to a location to prevent them from causing much trouble.  Shall I walk that path to see what may be discovered?  I think I need to sit down with Miss Lynwood if possible.  If for no other reason she is an interesting woman to listen to.  I think she carries a wealth of knowledge under her hat.

Note to self:  Ask Mr. Wexhome if the doors to the apartment could stay open a bit longer.  Mr. Spires came calling and I could not keep the doors open long enough to let him in.

Note to self:  Keep an eye upon Miss MirandaWright Resident.  A darling child with a sea-faring father who is past his date in returning home from a shake down trip of a new class of ship.  It was truly an emotional moment when she sat upon Steam Santa’s lap and brushed past any usual request for presents and gifts to ask only for the safe return of her father.  The sea claims who it wants when it wants.  I hope that her father is not one of them.


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