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Private Journal 09.09.18xx

* Private journal entry but feel free to comment *

Hello dear Journal;

Usually I can write about all the wonderful things that Babbage has shown me.  However this time dear Journal the skies are dark, darker than usual, and the mood here is somber and rather a bit more than scary.

I have finally seen Miss Macbain and can confirm the reports I have heard about her.  She has slid into some deep dark hole in hell.  I also firmly believe that she is possessed.  Who is responsible for this?  I have my opinions which I shall keep close to my bosum at this time.  But I also think that this is the result of a long standing feud.  I know about feuds, coming from Japan.  I also know that they almost always end tragically…

Once again I find the Clockwinder to be an enigma.  I have little contact with him as he is the most stubborn person I have ever met in Babbage.  But the episode which involved me in the Gangplank ( ) is making me rethink that position just a little bit.  He reminds me of an onion of late, many layers surrounding a core.

I wish I could find Mr. Somerset.  I know that he and his beloved wife having been away from Babbage and traveling for some time now.  I think he could be of great help in returning Miss Macbain back to her senses.  I know he did that for Miss Hienrichs and helped her develop her powers in working with spirits also.  I wish I had those abilities within me, then I could be of greater use to everyone here, in the temple, and in the clan.  The Shinto belief really doesn’t do exorcisms like other religions do.

What’s that Journal, the Church of the Builder?  Not a chance on this side of the canal!!  They thoroughly messed up the job with Pip and destroyed any credibility they ever had with the citizens.  While some of us have already overlooked the death, others are not so ready to forgive.

The Dagonites perhaps?  I have no idea what they practice.  Perhaps I should take a stroll up there and see what they are about.  At least they do not have crude symbols painted in front of their building nor have slogans written about them….yet

Hmmm, what about the spirits themselves?  Sofie and Evie are unsuited for the task.  Daniel would probably turn away saying it was beneath him.  But Mac might do it.  He is up for a bit of fun and if I told him it was a barkeeper that was in trouble he might do a bit of poking around for me.

The one and *only* bright spot in this entry is the fact that my dear sweet ward Melonie has turned her apartment into a wonderful setting fit for any lady.  The girl does have fine taste for one so young but then Tasha, my house spirit, always told me that she was a proper child.  From Tasha that is high praise indeed. Now if she would only say something nice about my apartment…sighs

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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman September 9, 2010

    I still say shooting Loosestrife may be good medicine, but he may be more than he seems

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