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Private Journal 08.25.18xx

* Private journal entry but feel free to comment *

Hello again dear Journal;

Quite a few things have occurred since last I wrote in you.  You may have noticed some of them already.

Miss Melonie Menges has agreed to become a ward to me for a period of time.  She has a dark background about her which I think I will let her tell when she is ready.  I do fear the gentlemen will suffer attacks of swooning when they catch sight of her; the women may be thinking of other types of attack *giggles*.  She is learning the ways of New Babbage at a very quick pace and she also has a sense of style and fashion of which even Tasha approves.  I believe she will be an asset to the City and its role playing needs in the near future.  If I understand correctly, she is even staying in my old rooms at the Arms; how appropriate.

Speaking of lodging, I have moved again.  I have transferred over to the open apartment at Lia’s building and away from #25, which was a very reasonable place to stay.  The style of the rooms are more modern and lighter and more airy than before.  The room where I shall set up the temple is huge and has two wonderful windows giving a fantastic vista to gaze upon.  I shall certainly be setting up a day bed there so that I can relax and read Father’s letters and the scrolls and notes that I have from the temple.  The entire apartment is tastefully done for a woman which is no surprise since my dear Lia did the work.  I will be spending many happy hours placing my furnishings and creating the temple room.  I am a frustrated builder after all…smiles.

Equally frustrating are the stories of the cultist design placed in front of our fair City’s center.  Something disturbes me about the whole episode however I can not place a finger to scratch the nagging itch.  While it might appear odd, I would defer to the Underby’s (Mr. *and* Mrs.) to provide an insight to this.  I doubt this is the work of the Church of the Builder.  They are far to happy in catching Pip to have done this. The Dagonites do not register on my radar for this either.  It obvilously is someone with a huge grudge.  I hope that they do not have an equally huge axe to swing….


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