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Positions Available At Steampunk Adventures

We at STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES  are simply beside ourselves with joy over the warm reception our first issue has received.  We are now poised to carry this momentum forward and continue to bring you a fantastic new entertaining and enlightening publication.  To this end we have decided now is the time put out the call for enthusiastic would be contributors.  We have the following positions available for any who care to heed the call.

– Freelance Correspondent: In order to provide our readers with useful and timely news of the happenings in the various Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Historical and Vintage communities we need correspondents from those communities who can  provide us with all those tasty tidbits that make the news.

If you have a nose for news, your finger on the pulse, your ear to the ground or at least an eye for a good story, consider the position of Freelance Correspondent.  All we ask is a paragraph or two once a month summarizing the important happenings in your community.  These may be synopses of ongoing or one-off RP scenarios, new builds, town meeting summaries, noteworthy upcoming events, or other relevant goings on.

This position will be paid on a per-published-word basis.  Providing your own accompanying pictures will earn additional consideration.  To apply for the position, please submit your tasty tidbit of news according to our submission guidelines by the 1st of September.  Or, at the very least, drop us a line at with the gist of the story you are pursuing.

– Advertising Advocate: As a going concern,  we cannot always rely on our generous financier to supply our needs.  There are correspondents and staff to pay, tier to meet and so forth.  We need and individual, or individuals, willing to gather and pursue paid advertisements for our publication.  Such a person must be energetic and passionate, personable and sociable.

Our Advocates will be paid a commission based on the amount of advertising sold.  To apply for this position please either drop an email note to or contact one of our staff members.

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