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Portrait of an Urchin all Sweetness and Light

There was rather a large gathering today at the White Rabbit Restaurant and Gallery in Clockhaven today as citizens gathered to view the newly arrived painting of one of our cities own urchins, Dreddpiratebob Streeter. Reportedly people were struck dumb at the sight of such wonder, with commentary by the wonderful Mr Elilka Sieyes as, “It is a portrait displaying the inner light and petal-covered gentleness of young Bob”. Another observation by Mr. Sieyes, “oh dear, Mr Sands just tried to fling himself from the balcony in the knowledge that he will never create something so truly and purely beautiful as this portrait.”  All in all I think it is a fitting tribute to show how happy we all are to have Bob back in our midst..

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  1. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox March 7, 2011

    Oh Bob gonna get you for dat!  *giggles*

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