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Popplefot Returns

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  1. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh September 17, 2013

    Popplefot, as bloated as the day he left and pasty as a tuna-belly despite six weeks on shipboard arrived in the early morning at the train station in New Babbage. The station had been deserted upon his arrival, with only a few stray beggars and tarts scattered around, and the waiting carriage he had ordered ahead to pick him up and take him to the workhouse.  Work would resume within a fortnight, and there was a certain business to which he must attend immediately.

    His agent had sent the child Mathias to drive the carriage.  The boy was a hopeless wall-eyed idiot, but Popplefot  considered that since there were but two right turns expected on the journey from the station to the factory, he should arrive with a minimum of difficulty.

     The boy’s nose had wrinkled instantly upon his mounting the carriage, and he noticed that the child leaned away from him during the short trip, opening his mouth as if gasping for air.

    “Is there a problem young man?” asked Popplefot.

    “Oh, doe, sir, ” the young boy replied.  “Oy did’k Oy god a gid’k id moy deck.”, he said as he swatted at the flies that seemed to come from nowhere.

    “Very well then, hurry along.”  Popplefot caught the lie, and wanted to cuff the little bastid, but thought it might disturb the boy’s already precarious sense of direction.  He brushed back his limp, greasy hair with his fingers, and sneaked a sniff at his armpit.

    Perhaps I have gone a bit too long, he thought.  But bathing is such a bother!

    At last they arrived at the workhouse,  Popplefot gingerly lowered himself to the street, and turned to Mathias.  The boy was holding out his hand.  Open.  Palm up.

    “Something faw me sir?”

    “Yes,” replied Popplefot.  “A boot in your arse if you return this carriage with so much as a chip in a wheel.  Now move along.”

    He watched for a moment as the unfortunate child tortured the poor horse up the street, then turned toward the workhouse.

    A few papers signed and done.  The contract secured earlier with the asylum for the work release program solved that problem, but I must get with the Mayor to secure the debtor assignments before HE does.

    But … he mused.  First we must see what ladies are about …

  2. Myrtil Igaly Myrtil Igaly September 17, 2013

    Poor Mathias… That Popplefot is a stingy stinker, he is!

  3. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk September 17, 2013

    brrrrrrrrr…… this will be interesting!

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