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Plague Symptoms…

Orpheus woke up, feeling as if he was hit by a trolley. He looked around, blinking in the bright lights. Somehow, he had been brought to the Wilde Hospital.  He remembered being at the museum, and then everything went fuzzy. Orpheus tried to get up, but he soon realized that he had been strapped down.

“What is going on?” said Orpheus. Rather, that is what he meant to say. What came out sounded more like, “Mmmphrrgg…. Gahhhrrr…. Ohhngg?” He listened to the doctor in the next room, but found it hard to focus. Dr. Harvey was mentioning something about dinosaur bites, viruses, morphologic changes, and zombies.

“Oh, shoot. Not again. You’ll get it for sure this time Victor!” said Mr. Angkarn, although everyone else in the hospital heard, “Shhhttt….. nahgahhnnn…. Vikkkkk….Trrrrr!”

Orpheus looked down at his hand, afraid at what he would see. Sure enough, his skin had become gray and stretched, his clothes torn from the raptor attack. His arms and head had been bandaged. He struggled again at his restraints. After a few attempts, he managed to loosen the straps enough for him to sneak out. He ran out of the hospital room, still able to maintain a normal speed, which was due to both not being that far along in the transformation and certain raptor traits which had developed. His non-human nature had prevented the full dinosaur transformation, but he soon realized he had the speed and strength of his dinosaur attacker.

As he ran through the winding tunnels under the Vernian, he realized he was being chased, not just by Dr. Harvey, but a number of other medical workers as well as some citizens who had been relaxing in Huxley Hall. He doubled back through the tunnels, lost in the maze of glass, until he ended up at an elevator. He pushed the button and it began to rise, much to the

dismay of his pursuers. The lift spit him out a few stories up in a residential building, still far underwater. He looked out the window. A group of Merpeople was circling, keeping watch it would seem. Orpheus could hear the lift moving again. He would be trapped if he didn’t act quickly. In an act of desperation he began slamming himself into the glass window. Under normal circumstances, the reinforced glass would hold, however, his “dino-strength” proved to be greater than the glass could withstand. A crack began to form in the window. Just as the lift rose and opened up, Orpheus slammed himself one last time into the glass, shattering it. As the water rushed into the enclosed space, Mr. Angkarn threw himself against the flow and fell out the window towards the bottom of the ocean floor.

As he sank, he realized that he no longer required oxygen. Water began to fill his lungs, but he did not panic. He hit bottom, and began to walk towards the city….

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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein October 9, 2011

    ::rests a hand to his scaley brow:: Why do people insist on leaving our care in a panic under such circumstances?

  2. Phineas Frakture Phineas Frakture October 9, 2011

    reminds self not to go to any re-animation demonstrations this year

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