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Piermont December 2011 build challenge results

This month’s build was for a holiday card in 3 prims or less. Seven entries were  placed.

Mayor’s Choice for Courage in the Face of Cluelessness: Felisa Fargazer.

Mayor’s Choice for Simultaneous Log-ins: Edward and Christine Pearse for the Australian Christmas scene.

Mayor’s Choice for Dickensian Reference: Gadget. Humbug, indeed. 

Honorable Mention, and Mayor’s Choice for Best Use of a Sheep: June Forsythe

Third Place, and Mayor’s Choice for Best Domestic Squabble: Junie and Mumsy Ginsburg

Second Place, and the Joseph Campbell Memorial Medal for Creative Mythology: Scottie and Sky Melnik for the Tale of the Two Princes.

First Place, and the Tim Burton Achievment Medal: Brother Lapis and the Merry Mathematicians of the Church of the Builder. What Is Wrong With You?


Kudos to all who entered. I will be holding The Poseball Class in the very near future (read: only 7 entries??)


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  1. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer December 20, 2011

    (It’s not the poseballs so much for me as my absolutely craptastic photography and graphics skills. Seriously. I am appalling.)

  2. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg December 20, 2011

    Oh…the prize money came at a really good time!  Now I can get Mumsy the gift I really wanted to give!

    *orders a barrel of badgers*

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