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Phineas Frakture and the Terror of Doctor Molondi

Starting today, 12/17, Season 4 is in full swing with The Terror of Doctor Molondi.  Phineas is in London, which can only mean chaos and a plethora of cameos by Victorian fictional icons.  Here’s an excerpt from Chapter One:


the Ripper, Butcher of Whitechapel, slowly started forward.  Blood dripped from the knife that he
held.  Lamplighter backed away, keeping
his distance.  He reached for his whistle
and blew it several times, praying that there was another constable within
earshot.  Behind him, the kettle chirped
louder and faster, but he paid it no mind. 
Jack came into the light, exposing his face.  The constable gasped.

            “You!” Lamplighter exclaimed.  “Never in a million years would I have
suspected you, and neither would the Yard. 
I’m going to be famous, I am.  The
man who captured Jack the Ripper, and he is none other than—”

            The chirping stopped. 

            In the blink of an eye, Constable
Lamplighter, the infamous Jack the Ripper, and the entire District of
Whitechapel…were wiped from the face of the city.


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