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Personal Notebook: Out of elixir!

The vial that the renegade monk gave me is nearly empty. I have been dosing less, and less frequently, to make it last as long as possible. I have searched the city for the monk to gain more, but there is not sign of him.

I am faltering. Lapis has noticed. We spend our nights in fencing practice, from midnight to until he goes to sleep, or sometimes we discuss possible avenues of research for independent study, as I have shown remarkable progress in my work since using the elixir.  He isn’t really all that bad once you get to know him. Or so I thought.

I have taken to drinking coffee to try and maintain my alertness, but it does not compare to the intensification of my capablities that the elixir gives me. I saw that Equine at the coffeehouse. I hate him. He was fawning all over me, saying he was worried that he had not seen me recently. Why does he think we care?

Then he threatened to visit Anton.

Lapis is watching me like a hawk. He does not sleep like the others, which is to say I think he sleeps, but I have seen him in his cell sitting in meditation rather than lying in his bed. There is something different about him, how does he stays alert most of the night? Why didn’t I make the connection before? Now I see he was merely biding time with me. He has the patience of a demon!

And I was really starting to like him too.





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