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Personal Journal of Mr. Oyen: Our funding is nearly secure

Progress has been slow, but I am think I am finally closing in with the widow. From all of the candidates in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the city, her family’s resources provide the most potential for our needs, not to mention how few friends she seems to have retained in town. 

Of course father wouldn’t approve, but I know we must have the funding for our experiments. The widow remains elusive about her knowledge of mystic wards, but I think I am finally earning her trust. Some of the local moreaux have attempted to provide reason for caution with the widow, but I have little doubt my own training will be a match for anything she can dish out. I continue to carry the bezoar and a small amethyst cabochon, tied together with vervain for good measure. What remains is to solidify the laboratory’s trade connection with Nouveaux Toulouse, to provide a fa├žade of legitimacy to the “investment” I hope to secure. A shame such a valuable cargo will be lost to piracy long before it ever settles into Iron Bay. Once this funding has been secured, we’ll collect the remaining rare earths we need for the phlogiston filtration system.

Father did a superb job with the old guild hall. Once we’d confirmed the old Babbage was still deep below the new, old Elihu took the machine back a four short centuries and somehow arranged for the hall to appear in the lot next to the laboratory. My concern now must be to keep focused on our experiments, perhaps we can enlist Miss Singer’s assistance with the decor and furnishings.

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