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Patient transfer

*Saturday morning, well before Maddox met with Lionheart*

Heliotrope Lionheart had delved into Arnold once again, and had been unable to find Arnold himself, but he had managed to talk with his other side long enough to discover what had happened and why if nothing was done then they’d fade away.  The two of them came to the conclusion that Arnold should be taken to the Gut for his best chance to recover…

“It’s this way,” Helio said as he led Scald inside.  “You know Arnold, don’t you?”  Scald smiled and nodded his head, which turned into a gasp as his eyes fell on Arnold when Lionheart removed the blanket covering him exposing the body which was fading away.  

“He needs to be in a place of strength,” Helio continued. “The Gut is close to a strong locus, but I don’t trust putting him up in Dagon Hall or The Bucket.  Do you know of any hiding places where he would be safe?”

Scald thought for a moment and then nibbled his lip, before pulling his slate from his satchel and writing that he did know of an urchin hide-out within the Gut.

“Is it safe?” Lionheart asked, to which Scald wrote that he was not sure if it was or not.  “It’ll have to do. I’ll put him in a wheelchair, I need you and Skute to take him there, and get your father as soon as he’s free.”

Sonnerstein’s son examined Arnold with concern and frowned at how much of his body was gone already while Lionheart picked up the unresponsive cat and placed him into the wheel chair carefully to make sure he didn’t simply slip off.

“Scald… keep this as quiet as you can.” Helio told him and Scald nodded softly and made a zipping motion across his lips.  Helio nodded and continued, “Depending on just what this is, there could be serious trouble for us, if you understand. For mundanes as well.”  The green skinned child tilted his head at this claim, but did not write out a question.  Once again Helio just continued speaking, “I’ve sent word for Gil to come. Hopefully he will shortly. But… lt may be a good idea not to tell him everything. He’s a bit of a blabbermouth.”

Scald nodded as he placed a caring hand against Arnold’s shoulder, which caused no more reaction that anything else as Gilhooly entered the Triage.  “ello.  Bill gimme word that Mister H needs ‘elp?”

Heliotrope turned and nodded his head, “Hello, Master Skute, I do need your assistance.”

While Lionheart began to explain the situation Scald noticed that Arnold’s ears were also starting to fade and took his head up in his hands to peer at him closely.  He was sure they had not been that bad when he had first arrived…

Gilhooly Skute nodded after he understood the gist of what they were doing, “right then….c’mon Scaldy, ye’ll be all right then mister A.”

Scald took a moment to ask what was going on, and offered to help with the situation just before they left.  

“I need to consult with your father, you’ll be of help I’m sure.  Now off you go.”

Scald nodded softly and took the back of Arnold’s wheel chair to help get him out of the hospital as Gilhooly saluted, “Aye aye.”

Once they were outside Gil finally asked, “Where we goin’, Scaldy?”

Scald made a sneaking motion, tip toeing, before making a rodent nose wiggle, putting his hands up like ears.  Gilhooly usually had trouble with Scald’s pantamime’s but he nodded in understanding.  However before they could get him to the Sneaky Vole they first had to get past several obstructions and keep him out of sight of people in case the blanket would fall off.  Their first problem was encountered right after they reached the end of the pier, an obstacle that would test the childrens strength, balance, grip, and resolve.


Gilhooly and Scald had to pick up the wheel chair with Arnold’s faded and lightened body on top, but that was still no easy task.  “ooof… this bloke’s ‘eavier ‘n ‘e looks!”

Scald nodded, as he helped drag him up from the front end.  

“Ain’t kitties sposta be light on their feet?”  Gil asked, and Scald did his best to point out that Arnold wasn’t on his feet.  “Oh…aye…”

They avoided a close call were Arnold could have fallen out of the chair, and another where they could have slipped.  Though they didn’t realize it, Arnold’s ‘bad luck’ was fading with him and the only problem they had to contend with was gravity.  They reached the top and breathed a sigh of relief as they took to the street for a few moments heading down towards the main street when Scald stopped with a thought.

“Hoi?”  Gil asked and watched as Scald held up his hands and performed a well known gesture (‘here’s the church, here’s the steeple’), and then made his fingers walk go in a big circle around.  Gil eyed the gestures and then guessed, “Church…ring ’round the rosey…”

It took him a little longer to realize that Scald was trying to tell him they should avoid the church, “Aye, good call then,”

Gilhooly and Scald instead took the road into Wheatstone…which caused them to run into more stairs than they had anticipated.  “Blimey…’oo built this city?”  Scald shrugged as they reached the top of yet another stair case.

They continued on this way till they passed Red’s Revenge where they stopped to pet the dog known as Sir Shaggy before continuing on their way.  Eventually they reached the canal and had to carry him up another set of stairs.  They were half way up when Gil realized, “Cor, the other stairs got a ramp.”  Since they’d already started they continued to haul him up and Gil muttered, “Gonna be starvin’ after all this…”

They went down the other end and finally reached the Sneaky Vole, and pushed Arnold inside easily, though Gil himself almost had to duck his own head.  “Let’s lay ‘im out in corner by the stove…Scaldy, can ye write a sign fer the urchins wot can read… say don’ touch this kitty bloke, ‘e’s wif Gil an’ Scald?”

Scald nodded and rummaged in his satchel for some paper as Gil went out to find a small cot to lay him on.  They put him on the corner with the note tucked beside him and then started their watch as Arnold kept slowly fading away.  His paws and ears had already gotten worse and it was hard to see his tail anymore.  at the rate he was going he may fade away sometime within the next fourty-eight hours…

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