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Parx Personal Journal, December 15th 188X

Banned list! Since when does new Babbage have a “substances of interest” list? If this keeps up soon the lawyers will be returning. The crettins in Customs have handed over the Lycium to the Militia! They probably think a banned list is a concert schedule for the rotunda anyway. Maybe I’ll get lucky and the Militia will dump it in the canals anyway. Or they could burn it. I wonder what the effects inhaling burnt Lycium might produce in the fey?

It appears I shall have to go around Tenk if I am to progress. The shipment of triffid seedlings due this week was going to be delivered by one of the produce ships, but after this I’ve arranged for them to be sent by airship direct. If the pilot has even a small amount of skill he should be able to navigate across Iron Bay and bring them directly to the loading dock at the back of the lab. Given the plethora of self-styled airship captains about finding one with some skill should be a simple matter.

I wonder if I could just forge an order to the Militia and get the Lycium sent to me for destruction? Nothing like using bureaucracy to circumvent bureaucracy.

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs December 19, 2013

    Bookworm looked at the stacks of crates piled by the entrance to Militia headquarters.   “Lyceum?  What on earth is Lycium?”

    The customs man shrugged.  “It’s on the substances of interest list, which makes it your responsibility.  S’all I care about.”

    Bookworm sighed, and called over two burlier members of the Militia.  “Let’s put these in the storeroom downstairs,” she said.  “I’ll deal with it when I can.”  As she hefted one up, a sudden thought struck her.  “Who was bringing these in?” she called to the departing customs man.

    “S’on the boxes,” he called back a bit sourly.

    Rolling her eyes, she turned the crate about until she found the stamped delivery information.  ‘Professor Parx?’ she thought, astonished.  ‘Well, well.  I’d best deal with these sooner, rather than later.’

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