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Parx Experimental Journal July 188X

Final testing on the mechanosaurs discovered a glitch. Wireless transmitter signals to a single unit pass with flying colors. Multiple units create a transmitter signal distortion which results in erratic signals being received by the mechanosaurs.

The signal distortion appears to be caused by a faulty filament casing for the signal receiver. Replacement components have finally arrived and replacement of the valve is underway. It’s getting harder to find good component makers these days. Mass production means fewer people taking pride in the quality of their product.

Assuming all goes well, the valves should be swapped out and the mechanosaurs will be ready for a group test on Sunday.

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  1. Arthur Serpente Arthur Serpente June 21, 2014

    It’s hard to know what can stop ‘hungry, hungry hippos’ in our city since so many inhabitants of New Babbage have lost their marbles. 

  2. Arthur Serpente Arthur Serpente June 25, 2014

    Thank you for the roleplay event, sir! It was delicious. I’ve no idea of the work it took to organize it, but it was fun being part of the devastation. 

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