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Out of the boiler into the fire

Leon had lost count of the days, even though he had access to the bathroom window to help he had started to count his ‘punishments’ instead.  Ever since the fox had left the others were even more agitated, especially Lucas who took out some of his aggressions on Leon.  It was never enough to kill, maim, or break anything at Prometheus order. Apparently the master had decided they could try to exchange Leon for Kuga and only after the deadline of two weeks would they kill him. Having to pull his punches only left Lucas unsatisfied and Leon a bruised ruin who had trouble standing.

Over the first few days Leon had started to loosen a pipe in the bathroom.  He would need some kind of weapon or tool to escape and it was the only thing he could conceivably remove.  He did not know when the two weeks would expire, but he could not be here when they did.  He did not think the grown ups would agree to the trade, especially if they dug around and found out he was helping smugglers.

Leon had known that he was on an airship since the first day, but figuring out how they refueled took longer.  He figured their boilers would need fresh water, a lake or the ocean would be best.  If he could get the pipe out while they were refueling he could swim to shore if he was lucky.

He just had to wait until the day that Lucas made a mistake and he was in the bathroom while they took in water.  Leon eventually realized that it wasn’t going to happen on its own so he had to taunt the wolf first.

He was lucky his ribs had not been broken by accident and his body was covered in discolored bruises.  He was starting to think that swimming to shore would be harder than he had thought.

Leon could still hear the machines taking in the water.  Now was his chance, and he just hoped that his body did not give out on him.  He left his shoes in a spot by the door to hopefully jam it.  Because his shirt was short sleeved he also tried to tie the door, knowing that any show of their true strength would rip through these small defenses.  Still they would have only weighed him down.    

He tried to carefully unlatch the window but his captors had sealed it shut.  Leon would have to move fast.  He would have to use the pipe to break the glass and dive into the water in less than a heartbeat.  

Smashing the window Leon moved quickly, even quicker than he thought as Lucas proved how ineffectual his shirt and shoe trick had been against their strength.  Leon crawled out of the window onto the short ledge along the ship’s hull.  The wolf was behind him, snapping with his jaws as he struggled to fit through the entrance.  

Others had heard the noise and were coming.  Leon didn’t have time to gloat, he scanned the horizon and could see only the ocean and a ship that was heading vaguely in their direction, so with one last triumphant smirk he leaped from the side of the ship and splashed down. It was not his most graceful landing, but he managed to hold on to the pipe despite the waves trying to take it from him.  There were bruises all over and one eye was swollen half shut as he started to swim without ever surfacing.  The only motion thing he allowed to break the waves was his hand to drain the pipe.

He was certain he heard splashes behind him, but these were wolves and bears.  The ocean was not their element and they did not know where he was for certain.  In fact he was no longer certain if he was going towards that ship anymore.   

Leon used the pipe to help him breath under the water to hide his body just enough, that they would have trouble seeing him from the ocean or their ship.  

After about five minutes of this he surfaced, and looked around.  They had gotten on their airship and seemed to be searching for him in the wrong direction.  

He felt his fatigue then.  The strain he had put on his body, the cold water stinging some lacerations he hadn’t been aware of.  He was probably going to be attracting sharks soon or wiggyfish.  He had to get out of the water fast.

Fortunately the large ship was not going away, he had to change his angle but he was mostly going toward it.  He dropped the pipe and let it sink to the ocean floor.  He felt weighed down by his pants still but he had a trick for that too.  Alabaster had taught him how to turn his pants into a floatation device by tying the ends of his legs into knots and breathing into them.  It slowed him down, but it would slightly help keep his head above water.  In practise he found it less effective than he hoped, but it was no longer weighting him down.

When he reached the ship he was exhausted from keeping his head above water.  Hope had been the only thing keeping him going, if he hadn’t seen the ship was heading towards him he might have given out.  Reading the side of the ship he recognized that it was one of Violet Solano’s.  He could possibly parlay with them to get to safety, he knew they were a rival to his old boss Alabaster, but he had not heard from her in some time.

Someone shouted from above and then there was a splash of someone jumping in, the teen felt his body grabbed and slowly hoisted onto the ship.  He finally let his exhaustion carry him to sleep.  

It was late afternoon when he woke up a bit dazed but his bandages tended to, and clean clothes on his body, but once again, behind bars. Leon noticed his guard and muttered “Parley.”

The guard blinked a few times as Leon looked over slowly, “I request a parley, that means I wish to see your captain and nothing supposed to be done to me while under the terms.” The guard nodded slightly and headed off to get the captain.

After some time a human walked in looking over at the boy who was now sitting up, “I requested a parley for safe passage back to New Babbage.  I know you work for Miss Violet, I…it’s about the Bear gang, I need to let someone know… I know what their ship looks like.”
The human grinned at this, “Well well. My name is captain Walker, and who might you be?”
Leon nods “Names Leon cap….. well ex captain of the Airship, Little Wolf.”

Walker nods, “I see.  Well, I can help you, but we can’t transport you until tonight after dark.  One, I am sure this Bear gang is looking for you and two, it’s easier to get you in after dark.”
Leon nods “Understood, thank you captain.”

“Well for now just get some rest, we will wake you in the evening when it’s dark, if you need food or drink, do let us know ok Leon.”

Leon nods as he lays back down, “just rest for now…. not slept in…” it did not take long for leon to fall asleep knowing for now he was safe.

That evening after drinking, resting, and getting some real food in his stomach the lad was ready to go, under the cover of darkness and evening fog they got him onto a small boat and made their way into town, the boy being blindfolded as well they did not want him to know where they were taking him. But he assumed it was to see Violet. By early morning there small boat was navigating the canals to where they had to bring him.

After a while the boat comes to a stop and he is ushered off it, a bit shaky still on his feet, as the blindfold is removed, he instinctively covered his eyes from the glare but he knew who was standing before him. “Morning Miss Violet.” He says softly.

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  1. violet Solano violet Solano September 24, 2015

    Captain Walker walks out of the ships brig and turns to the guard ” if the young man needs anything, short of weapons of course, see that he gets it, I’ll be in my office “

    reaching his office walker sat and took pen to paper.

    Miss Solano we have pulled a young man named Leon from the sea near to a good sized airship,
     while the airship was to far off for details to be seen, Leon claims to have escaped from it,
    i am sending him to you to be interrogated, i will continue to track the airships route as subtly as i can,
    but if it attacks this vessel, i will blow them from the sky, in the Olympians defense,

    Walker, Captain of the SSL Olympian

  2. Leon Leon September 24, 2015

    Violet Solano looked him up and down for a few moments, “So you are Leon? I’ve been hearing a bit about you.”

    Leon bowed his head respectfully, “I hope it has been good stuff.  Thanks for your hospitality and not having your men put me in the bottom of the drink.” He thinks a moment “I just ask for help, any way to get Lilith back from those deranged things.”

    “We shall see what we can do about that.” Violet said noncommittally. “Since one assumes you were together, where were you and Lilith being held?”

    “Not really… I …. they only let me see her once in awhile.”  He did not like to think about how much she had changed since then.  “It was on an airship, from what I saw of it as I escaped it was different then most here in babbage.  Armored, almost militaristic, but I did not see much in the way of weapons.  I had not seen one before like it and it had no flag raised. Though it does stop over the ocean for fresh boiler water.”

    “Hmmm,maybe a solid frame and skin over the airbags.  It can’t be too heavily armored or it wouldn’t be able to fly.”

    “It had no airbags as I could see, but propellers.  Several of them holding it up.  The odd thing was the sails it used for its flight like sails.”

    “Sounds very unmaneuverable, slow to change course,” Ms. Solano seemed to be considering this information intently and how to properly use it to her advantage.

    “It did move slow, like a sailing ship but it could change altitude pretty quick…”

    Ms. Solano nodded and gestured to the south, “Captain Hienrichs is using the Hospital as her HQ for the moment, go tell her what you told me and we’ll do all we can to get her back…”  Her hand suddenly formed a fist as she ended with grim relish, “And then we’ll kill Prometheus!”

    Leon nodded, nothing would make him happier than to see that bear run through.  He added something else though, something he needed to do for his pride, “In return for what your men did for me, if I ever get me ‘wings’ back, I am happy to offer my services to you and your company, I am good at getting to and from town without being noticed.”

    Ms. Solano gave a short laugh at his offer, “I will take that under consideration.”

    Leon gave a short, stiff bow, ignoring his protesting body, “Thank you again, I am in your debt.”

    “I’ll ignore that last statement, young man.”  Miss Solano’s voice lowered and he could hear the hidden danger in her words.  “You don’t want to be in my debt.”

    Leon bowed his head again, as Ms. Solano ordered her men to escort him to the hospital.

  3. violet Solano violet Solano September 25, 2015

    Violet watches Leon being led out and returns to her office to write a telegram

    to Main office Solano Airship Manufacturing

    Narwhal Class airship Ram may be needed after all (stop)

    prepare and send one to New Babbage Office as soon as this telegram is received (stop)

     V Solano

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