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Orpheus’ Tale of the Black Heart – a Personal Narrative ((blog post contains no spoilers))

Orpheus walked into the Archivist’s office, hoping to meet the
mysterious keeper of Babbage’s secrets. But this was not to be his day,
as the Archivist was, as usual, out on “important business.” At least,
this was what the note on the door said.

“Isn’t that just my
luck,” thought Orpheus. “I guess I shall just have to leave these for
him and hope he gets them.” Orpheus took a pile of papers out of his
jacket and placed them inside a large envelope. He then found some wax
to seal the envelope with, using a ring he often carried with him to
leave his seal. He took out a piece of lead and addressed the envelope:

To – The Archivist

Re: Investigation Report of the “Black Heart Incident”

When Orpheus had finished addressing the package, he left the office building, stepping once more into the bitter cold that had settled onto the city. “Thank god the snow is still falling! I could not imagine how dreary this place would be if I had to see dirty snow all the time.” He then turned towards the port where his “ship” was docked. He needed to make some adjustments, but he would soon be ready to begin exploring the neighboring countries around New Babbage. If this was going to be his new home, and he felt like it might, then he better have a good lay of the land.

((OOC: If anyone is so inclined, the full account of my experience with this mystery can be found [url=]here[/url] I did not want to post it as is, so that in case anyone is still searching for clues, they would not have any spoilers.))

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