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Orpheus and the Dark Aether – A Personal Account (Part 2 – Warning Spoilers!)

((Completely private entry, but feel free to comment. Warning, Spoilers ahead, just in case you haven’t figured that out yet… hehehe))

~ Later that night ~

I have given my findings to the proper authorities. I will still be looking into matters myself; past experience has shown me that relying on the authorities alone will often not get things accomplished – too much red tape. Anyway, as I lay in bed tonight my mind was racing with many thoughts which would not calm down. The first is this: I still feel haunted by that nightmare last night. I can’t recall any details, but I fear that if I sleep, it shall return. The second thought was a little more productive. I couldn’t help thinking about the Van Creed documents. I did not really read them; rather I just documented the way the room looked so that the Militia could deal with it. Something about that first letter I saw, the one about Sebastian being dead, seemed very familiar to me. It was as if I had glanced it before; this got me thinking about where I might have seen something and it hit me! Before I was  trapped by the timelock I had been doing research in the Zenobia Station. I grabbed some journals from the Archive section and took them with me. It turns out that there was a folder of Van Creed documents in the pile I took. I had the files in my library this whole time! How could I have been so stupid? I’ve gone through and pulled some documents that seem applicable and it begins to weave a story more frightening than the eventual destruction of New Babbage. Most of these documents are written by a B. Hopkins and a D. Mawatt. I believe these may be the two men who entered the factory during my investigation, but I have no evidence to support this.

The Van Creed have been secretly investigating the appearance of the cracks in time which have recently popping up around the City. (5034a) While I believe they have something to do with the paradox created by “Future Jimmy” returning, the Van Creed believe them to be portals between our world and another. The Van Creed is attempting to widen these cracks

intentionally to siphon off some substance that they believe can be used for a
new fuel source. They plan on using the stolen portion of the Eliot Device to power a drilling pump (5038) to obtain this substance. They intend on using this “Aether Oil” to dominate the economy and gain influence over every major government worldwide. (5075)

In addition to drilling for “Aether Oil” the Van Creed has actually sent men INTO the cracks, where they encountered the crab-like creatures that have now managed to cross over into our world. (5073) The expedition ended tragically when three men were killed and one has gone missing.

Construction of the Aether Pump seems to have been put on hold. Two workmen recently went mad and were killed in an incident that seems related to the Aether Crack. (5090) Additionally, the appearance of the machines has alerted them to possible side effects of their tampering. (5081) These incidents have forced the Van Creed to temporarily halt production of the pump and evacuate the factory. (5092) It is being watched by agents like those who almost found me.

Once again, the Van Creed has shown its hatred for the Malkuth Order. Last year, the Knights of Malkuth killed many Van Creed members, including one James De Bourne, a founding member. The surviving members of the Van Creed believe justice to have been served by the supposed death of the two knights responsible for the killings. (5048) I know that the knight known as Sebastian Verwood is alive and well, but as long as he remains hidden from Van Creed agents, perhaps we shall find out their plans in time to stop them. In

addition, they have found the grandson of Mr. De Bourne and appointed him Grand
Master. (5050) According to the documents, De Bourne met with VC agents in October, and they had planned to begin construction on the pump at the end of this month. It is now clear to me that if the pump is allowed to be constructed, New Babbage will be doomed to the fate  written in the book. They must be stopped at any cost!

I have one concern. “Future Jimmy” said not to trust “him.” It has not become clear who the “him” is yet. It is a great benefit for the City that Sebastian is back, and under the radar of the Van Creed. But what if he is in fact dead for real? What if the VC have their information correct? And if he is really dead, who is that under the hood? Are we being lead into a trap? I just don’t know!

I do not believe I shall share this information with anyone, as I don’t know how well it would look for me to be in possession of VC documents, especially when the same documents are still in the factory. Some explanations aren’t worth the headaches.

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