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OOC: want a free graveyard? with accompanying vacant lot?

realization that I have 1 day left on it, the fact it’s been a very tight month and I still have a visit to my dad’s coming up, wich always has the potential of being much more expensive than I want,  in short, I can’t really afford to pay for my land now.  Footman Industries is one thing, since it’s pretty adaptable and I can always drop an old warehouse when I can once again afford land, but the graveyard, people actually seem to use it, If someone wanted to take the graveyard over (and pay the teir on it), I’m willing to give it to them, no need for buying it off of me.  all I ask is A. keep the cemetary there, and B. keep the lot RP friendly, contact me or Mossevno Tenk if you’re interested




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  1. Rowan Xenga Rowan Xenga December 23, 2010

    What does the tier on it look like?

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman December 23, 2010

    oh, tier is about 1000L a week, it’s actually 2 lots, the graveyard only occupies one, so around 500L a week for each, and you have a great view of the canal, and close to the Malkuth Tomb for tourist minded types

  3. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman December 23, 2010

    That’s right! and if you act now, I’ll throw in a FREE Etheric Lightning Rifle, Perfect for keeping those cemetary spirits in line!

  4. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner December 23, 2010

    you mean I get 2 lots, a graveyard, first rate canal fishing (the pollution adds flavor)

    AND a tomb involved in not one, but 2 disturbing events involving monsters and spontaneous combustion as a neighbor, for just 1000L a week?!

    What a steal!

  5. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver December 24, 2010

    Gosh the first New Babbage infomercial ..  grins !!!

  6. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman December 24, 2010

    We have a taker, Cornelius Fanshaw’s taken the cemetary, and already’s been working on it, it’s looking pretty good, I think it’ll be in good hands

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