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(OOC) Trick Or Treating info!

Okay. So those of you who don’t know already We’re doing Trick or Treating this year (as every year) It’s fairly simple! Go to one of these following locations. and

Once you have your Jack O Lantern, drop a fill perm (or at least copy and trans) item into it. This can be candies, treats, even seasonal items such as decorations or other prizes. I know some Babbagers have been making special treats just for Halloween, which is even more awesome! Please remember to have your pumpkins out on your parcels by tomorrow October 23rd If you do not rent in New Babbage and would like to participate. You may load you prize into a pumpkin and leave it at Coronet Garden’s Theater at Just leave them out front next to the wall :) Enjoy!

Stormy Stillwater

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