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OOC: Remembrance

At the weekly Jaeger Poetry Slam on Thursday, the topic was, naturally enough, ‘Remembrance.’ This poem wrote itself for me quite quickly, and so on this RFL weekend, I thought I’d share it.

A house across from the park.
A hill, perfect for sliding and croquet.
A flower garden, lovingly tended,
Bringing joy to those passing by.

A kitchen, redolent with cooking scents.
A vase of violets on the window sill.
An old radio, still working perfectly,
Tuned to the baseball game.

A twinkle in eyes behind glasses.
A distinctive laugh, ending with an “Ahhh.”
A hug, with tightening arms,
And a wholly Norwegian “Uff-da!”

I can experience these all again
Complete in my mind’s eye,
Every detail laid out perfectly
But insubstantially.

But the time will come, I know,
When I see my grandma again,
And see her eyes, and hear her laugh,
And feel her arms about me.

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg July 16, 2011

    ((She sounds like my scandinavian grandma.  :-) It’s a lovely commemoration, Ms. Book!))

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