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OOC: 19th century cement mine, and trestle bridge in my town

I moved a couple years back from New Paltz to Rosendale, and first found out abut these by coming across them hiking with friends, they started mining limestone for cement , the cement made from it was used in the Brooklyn Bridge 1883, and the statue of liberty’s pedistal in 1886 there’s still old machinery inside some of them.  There’s still kilns for making the cement I guess , in the park.  you have to hike into the woods a bit to get to the mine entrances close to my house, but there’s plenty of old smoke houses on the way as well.  Haven’t been as deep in as these guys, but sometime this summer, we’re planning on doing so.



There’s also a trestle bridge, from the old railroad, still looming over the town as well.





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