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One of our Gadget’s is Missing! (The Dark Aether)


Avariel Falcon and Unit #6 worked through the night to assemble their own aetheric receiver to intercept the transmissions from Unit #9.

With the receiver running phase one of the plan was complete… But phase two was going to be much harder…

The only way to find Gadget through the effects of the Dark Aether would be to link the aetheric circuits of the portal generator to the aetheric viewer and run the data through the huge analytical engine in the tower.

Maybe, if all went well they would be able to locate Gadget…

The clockwork unicorn looked at the aetheric receiver, “Looks like we should be finished in a couple of days…”.

Unit #6 pointed to the clock, “The… solar… event… is… predicted… for… 4PM… Friday…”.

Avariel noded, “Yes, the solar flare should disrupt the Dark Aether for just long enough to make this work, lets hope Dr Woodgrove’s solar prediction is correct…”.


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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 30, 2011

    [We will be having an event that will start at the power station in Clockhaven at 4PM SLT on Friday. This will be a puzzle solving sort of event which may lead to Gadget’s rescue, or untimely demise, or something like that…

    Anyway we will have more fun if radar HUDs and such are left at home so we can find Gadget using the power of puzzly science!

    See you all there ^_^]

    • Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein December 1, 2011

      Certainly hope not his demise!

  2. Different Enjinne Different Enjinne December 1, 2011

    ((Anyone got a call out Pizza number? The catering here sucks!)) – from Gadget ;)

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