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On His Majesty’s Secret Service

Directive 3:

When an officer of the Realm becomes seperated from his or her command structure and in enemy territory alone, he is to maintain vigilance and support the efforts of command structure to the best of his ability. He shall assist at the expense of his life, the campaigns of His Imperial Majesty, both logistically and martially. The Builder favors the brave.


It’d been months now, and he’d not been lagging about like some foolish mainlander gawking at a canal. He’d been busy. The man placed a cobblestone over a small iron box in the dark. He was satisfied no other Imperials had made it through the rift of that fateful day. Spires was now ostensibly comfortable in his life. He’d pared back on the friendships his alternate self had apparently cultivated here. To Capt Spires way of thinking, most of those friendships had been rather one-sided and pointless. The Telegraphy Office was gone, and the results of its experiments were safely hidden away. Spires himself was making a good go of it as a hotelier of sorts, good cover for the matter at hand.

He’d begun setting up weapons ,supply, and info caches around the city state and surrounding countrysides, well hidden and essentially untraceable to him, sometimes in abandoned buildings, sometimes hidden under the cobblestones. He picked items an Imperial lost in this world, or purposefully here, would need if in the area, always marked with the arcane Horse & Infinity Loop personal symbol of Emperor Cleon II. Anyone who saw it, would simply find it some madman’s amusing scrawl.

Information was the primary issue at hand. Babbage of this realm was quite distinct from the sleepy industrial town of his own reality. The wax coated information sheets he included contained maps, power structures, information on local government, militia personnel and equipment, prominent locals and underworld figures as well as secret military code directions for finding the one who’d set up the cache itself. Anything he’d found useful himself in the last few months was recorded, even little details like local slang, sporting venues, and the possibility of finding one’s doppelganger.

“Above all, you may find it necessary to kill this other person who appears to be you, as to do otherwise would attract much suspicion.”. he’d been about to write that in conclusion, but simply couldn’t. It was an ethical issue he didn’t like to reflect upon. He left it up to whoever found the notes.






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