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Olivia’s tale

 Olivia sat down in the bunk, and looked over to where her aunt Violet lounged on the other “well im waiting,”she said casually” lets hear all about this great cause”

 Olivia pinched the bridge of her nose, and gathered her thoughts”well Mary came to see me, and told me that she was told by Hally that a doctor was stealing cats to do experiments on, and that Moreau would soon be next” 

Violet interrupted her” and Who is Hally?” 

Olivia started ” oh shes a cabbit, one of the locals”

 Violet shook her head” and you believed a …..cabbit?”

 Olivia nodded” oh yes Auntie Hally is not like other Cabbits but is good and honest”

the older Rabbit barked out a laugh “well you won’t easily convince me of that, but for the sake of progressing with this tale I’ll let it go, please continue”

the young woman took a breath “well we gathered at the Cabbage, Mary,my self, a bear named Baird, Hally, and a few others who joined us as we traveled to the building in question, i admonished our party to not let the protest descend into violence,but to keep it peaceful”

 Violet played idly with a lock of her hair” and did it stay peaceful?”

Olivia looked down “almost, things were going well with just people waving placards and shouting for the people inside to cease they’re cruel acts ,when someone came out and asked what we wanted there”

Violet rested her chin in her hand”and im sure you were at the forefront of the shouting, so what happened next?”

the younger Rabbit shrugged” the man who came out, said that , there was just one cat and it ran off, and that what he really wanted was urchins,well Hally shouted that it was all lies, and that Cats and Moreau were Disappearing all over town, and that they were responsible, and the man responded that it might be someone else, not that the city isn’t full of people doing strange things,

well halley Continued to accuse the man of  crimes against Moreau, and the man said that he had nothing but the best intentions for us Mammal types,obviously segregating us, well the man answered that we had the right to be on the street but to stay orderly,

when Hally threw a bottle through a window,the man shouted at Hally and she said that it was just a window as we all looked at the building and saw that there was a fire blazing inside,

 well things descended into chaos with everyone shouting to save the kitties , countered by there are no kitties, and of course repeated cry s of fire ,and call the fire brigade,”

violet laced her fingers together “so another of your peaceful protests ends in flames”

Olivia shook her head ” no it was meant to be a peaceful protest, the fire was not our doing, well  soon the fire brigade arrived led by Captain hienrichs, and started fighting the blaze,”

flopping back on the bunk Violet cried”hienrichs again?what does she run every civil service in Babbage?”

Olivia shrugged again “im sure i do not know Auntie, well by then the fire was burning through the roof, and Hally was no where to be seen”

violet rolled onto her side” so Hally fled and you stayed to be arrested?”the young rabbit looked insulted”we committed no wrong doing there was no reason to arrest us,”

Violet smirked ‘ if you believe that niece your a bigger fool than i thought”

Olivia gave her Aunt a hurt look ” well regardless the fire was burning unnaturally bright and much hotter than I’d expect,the building eventually collapsed in on its self,yet the fire still burned unnaturally, and there was allot of discussion about what was in the building to cause it to burn so violently”

 Sitting up violet asked” so what happened with Hienrichs, since your not in jail?”

Olivia stood” she told us that there will be no more protests, or fires or we will be arrested, and that we needed to stay in the city till the investigation was done”

violet laughed “so the first thing you do is try to leave, well get up we’re going home, and no im not going to put Qismah in charge of you this time, but fair warning if Hienrichs comes to arrest you , i’ll let her, maybe it will teach you a lession.

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs January 25, 2015

    ((Actually, I’m not in charge of it – Sera Puchkina is.  But I can certainly imagine Vi making that assumption. *snicker*))

  2. violet Solano violet Solano January 25, 2015

    ((Well you seem to be in my hair with everything else so why not the fire brigade))

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