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Oiling Festival – Barricades, the Results!

The barricade building brief was nice and wide, and we had a lovely variety of entrants, each with different ideas, some of them quite… interesting! Judging was not easy, and in the end it came down to my own personal preference. Since all the builds were great anyhow, I decided everyone deserved a prize, and they are shown here, with a few comments about each one. Please do go have a look at them, they are wonderful!

Traditional Barricade, Babbage Barricade – small – Loki Eliot        1st Prize 2000 L

Very good detail, moving wheel, nice thrown together look, but with a core of solid stonework. This is a barricade you could stand on and defend with confidence!

Steam Powered Official Barricade – Nathaniel Lorefield    2nd Prize 1500 L

Great take on the brief, with a practical design the City Authorities could use in strategic locations. A very useful design I hope will be used.

Traditional Barricade – Jaiden Magic    3rd Prize 1000 L

Nice construction, particularly liked the opening door in the middle of the barricade, it made me laugh and that is worth a lot.

The following each get to share 4th Prize, and will receive 500 L each:

Solano Ironworks Mobile Barricade – Vi (violet.solano)

What a beautiful machine! A solid demonstration of the power of the City’s Militia, and a warning to any potential rioters. Was a little disappointed that although it can be driven, the keys had been hidden. Think this one should also have been put in as a Militia Weapon entry.

Traditional Barricade. Hand Me That Piano – Dee Wells

Nice build, with some interesting items, the desk with an opening drawer, the cart with a spinning wheel (very traditional!) and the safe – if only we could get it open and nick the contents!

Electric Barricade – Beryl Strifeclaw

Blimey, what a shocking entry! Good inventiveness, using the City’s own power to create a barrier, and of course any liquid can be used as the conductor. Possible a little more lethal than expected, but an interesting concept. Liked the animation with it.

Brick Wall and Hot Coal Beds Barricade – Rel Klaber

Rather a permanent barricade, maybe more in keeping with home defense – our resident antisocial villains could make use of this one!

This next one gets the judge’s Agghhh! NO!!!! Prize of 500 L.

Explosive Barricade Trap – Beryl Strifeclaw

Well, where to begin…. This is the ultimate in what can go wrong when trying to build a barricade in New Babbage, after all, it sounds a good idea at the time, but there are one or two flaws that will show up shortly after trying to defend it. Great fun though!


To all winners, your prizes will be sent forthwith, or as soon as I can send them, so… catch!

Tepic Harlequin

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  1. Dee Wells Dee Wells April 6, 2014

    Thank you, Tepic! What a fun category :D All great entries; we’ll be ready the next time there is unrest ;)

  2. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon April 6, 2014

    Yay! for Tepic! Yay!



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