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Oiling Festival #7

Welcome to the 7th Annual New Babbage Oiling Festival, our version of Spring Cleaning. We hope you will have time to visit.. and build!

The original Oiling Festival was held in 2009 to add needed items to the city inventory and invite the greater steamlands to experience the Babbage way of life.  All good citizens and visiting steamlanders are encouraged to roll up their sleeves, show their national pride,  and participate!

The Festival is now open. Building stops at midnight on APRIL 4th.  

You may use any building technique at your disposal, althought sculpts will be barred from categories that are intended to be added to city inventory.. I encourage building in place to encourage sharing information and techniques, it helps everyone become a better builder.

Judging and walk around to admire the results will take place on Sunday, APRIL 5th.

This years categories are:

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015

    sponsor: Mosseveno Tenk
    land impact: 10 or less
    prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000

    The old copper and iron bridges in Babbage Square/Babbage Canals are part of the original build. They weigh in at 32 prims and are made of intersecting torus shapes that are hard on sim performance. It is time for them to go.  Winning entry will not necessarily be the entry selected to be added to city inventory. LOD will be a heavy consideration in selection. Bridges should be mildly stretchable and root prim should be to the center of the canal. Please ensure all uploads are full perm.

    Stora Canal, behind Capalini Fine Furnishings, between tracks

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 18, 2015

      Standard bridge clearance is minimum 4 meters from waterline.

      waterline at is 100m except in quarry hill, palisades, and academy of industry, where it is lower. 

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 15, 2015

      Wow. great turn out, hotly contested between Lizzy and Myrtil.

      1st – Elizabeth Jarvinen
      2nd – Myrtil Igaly
      3rd – Lady Sumoku
      HM – Zantyago Mannonen, who did not disappoint with his penchant for playing with geometry

      Lizzy’s bridges will be replacing most of the ones in Babbage Canals. Myrtil’s bridge i have asked to be placed over Grand Canal at Jefferson Way, where we go to watch the fireworks, and i’ve asked for a LOD increase for the sake of the lamps. I may also be requesting Lady and Zan to place their bridges, but not sure where yet. I’ll be getting Henry in after i’m done with my taxes to start pulling out the old stuff.

      • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 15, 2015

        Tepic will also be receiving a guaranteed letter or recommendation when he comes of age to go to the Academy of Industry for his bridge.

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015

    land impact: 10 or less
    prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000

    The spines on a bookshelf say a lot about the person who owns them. What do our books say about us? Please do put your entries for sale so folks can add them to their own shelves. You should be able to find mesh book blanks on marketplace if you cannot create your own. Enter early and often, we’ve got a lot of voracious readers here.

    Tomanah Hall, rez on center tables

    • Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx March 6, 2015

      How much are we meant to sell the books for?

      • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin March 6, 2015

        Ah! If you set an object to sale in the properties for 0 Lindens, people can pick the object up by buying it for that sum! Good, quick way of making things available. Course, urchins often pick up the odd trifle that is just lying about, there are so many people who are good to urchins like that, such as leaving fresh pies on their windowsills for any hungry passerby. Tend to be a bit hot though, they should warn people, cus it’s easy ter burn yerself on them fruit pies…….

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 15, 2015

      1st – aştridh of ђulya, for her Spiritualist Reference Set
      2nd – Dr. Henry Jekyll, for  Zombie  Attack and other Scientific Oddities of New Babbage
      3rd – Steadman Kondor, for the set of books with Clockwork titles
      HM- Myrtil Igaly, for  The Adventures of Jimmy & Myrtil comicbook
      Mayor’s Choice for Humor – Camden McAndrews, for Steampunks of Gor

      Please set books for sale so folks can collect them for their shelves (put perms as appropriate for your comfort level). I would encourage everyone to put their stuff on marketplace as perms allow, becuase you never know what people will buy.

      • Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx April 15, 2015

        I am honoured to recive second place, Mr. Tenk. I’ll make sure the book goes on sale to the general public shortly…

        Wait a minute, who’s been defacing my book?

        – Dr. Henry Jekyll

  3. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015

    land impact: 30 (with the understanding that scripts may make it higher)
    prizes: L$3000/2000/1500

    After the Porthead Fire debacle, it became painfully apparent that our fire brigade is in need of updating. They got new uniforms and equipment, but they still need vehicles that will transport them and their stuff in a timely manner. Vehicles can be designed for land, air, or sea, or a combination of those. Serafina Puchkina may request entries taken in the fire brigade inventory at the end of Oiling Festival.

    Clockhaven docks – rez land vehicles on the piers.

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 13, 2015

      1st – Violet Solano’s fire truck was the clear winner for this one.

      2nd – Cody’s fine airship may have done better if not for the untextured pancake prims on the side of the envelope

      no third entry, 3rd place purse distributed to winners.

  4. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015

    land impact: 10 per item max
    prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000

    Ah, the cuisine of our city. It’s more than just wiggyfish casseroles and beer you know. Why there’s… errrrr…. um…. hmm…..
    Show me your groceries! Enter early and often, we’re hungry.

    Tomanah Hall, rez on  tables on the east side or on wall

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 14, 2015

      1st – aştridh of ђulya for the pots of honey, by a wide margin too!

      2nd – Jimmy for the Sootella! mmmm, sootella.

      3rd  – Chrono Cogshine for the imported fruit from Mondrago, although i am not convinced it is real fruit because it certainly does not taste like the fruit that comes out of cans.

  5. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015

    land impact 100
    prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000

    There’s a certain sense of awe one gets when watching a monumental engine go through its paces – whether it’s the massive pistons of an ocean liner’s engine room or the elegant, massive power of a beam engine pumping water. So build one – it does’t matter what it does, but it should move, be noisy, and be huge. An HBM will fit on a 25×25 meter platform, have a land impact of no more than 100.  Entry limited to platforms available. One entry per person. Build only on city provided platform, rez prim on platform to claim. IM Mosseveno Tenk if you need more platforms.

    GROUP 1 – Builders Square  (3 platforms)

    GROUP 2 – Port Babbage Waterfront (5 platforms)

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 15, 2015

      1st – The Cabbits, Zaros and Kea, for their Transdimensional Disposal Device. Because you gotta get rid of things.

      2nd – Elizabeth Jardin for the municipal air scrubber. Very noble, but we’ll just have to raise production to keep the stacks smoking

      3rd – Buckminster Solo for his Automated SIMCONITE Refinery

      Honorable Mention to Steadman Kondor for his scary Septopus urchin catcher. That’s one way to get them back to work.

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 14, 2015

      1st – Emerson Lighthouse, by a landslide. The Adoption Certificate was the most popular of the set. Very good example of storytelling.

      2nd – Dee Wells for the packet of documents from the law firm of  D. Vide & Conker

      3rd – Tepic Harlequin’s apprenticeship papers

      HM – Bun for Mary MacDonald’s prison record

      • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse April 15, 2015

        Since I won, that certifies all documents as legitimate, right?
        ((Thank you))

        • Steadman Kondor Steadman Kondor April 15, 2015

          Congrats Sir, not since Bleak House had legalities provided such wonderful amusement :)

  6. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015


    sponsor: Central Messenger Depot
    land impact: 30
    prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000

    Before modern telegraph communication equipment, the only way to relay a message quickly over the mountains was by large impractical signal towers. Many a Babbager who started in the messenger corps fondly remembers the complex codes required, and the thrill (and tedium) of manning remote towers on their own. How can we deny these life building experiences to the youth of today? Rebuild the tower that used to be on the north city wall.

    Rampart Wall in Academy of Industry sim


    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 15, 2015

      oh my, it’s like christmas morning up on the rampart wall!

      1st – Wulfie

      2nd – Myrtil

      3rd – MacKnight Culdesac

      HM – Tepic, for ingenuity

      Wulfie and Myrtil were tied, but Myrtil’s Clack tower was overprim, so i used that as the breaker. Everyone wanted a special recognition to Mr Culdesac for his amazing script that let one input a message into the tower to be flashed across the fells.


      Myrtil’s tower will be given a permanent home on the rampart wall, and maybe one out in the fells too to show the begining of the relay chain. i’ll be counting prims tonight to see what we can afford.

      they were all great, and you should put them on marketplace. because there’s not enough cool in era builds on marketplace!

  7. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015

    sponsor: Fr. Juris Pizzaro
    land impact: 15
    prizes: L$3000/2000/1000

    Father Pizzaro, he’s been living here since before the Great Fire, you know, but he’s not as sharp as he used to be. Still, he remembers a lot quite clearly from his younger days, as you would know if you’d ever had tea with him. How much history will we loose with that generation? We better make some monuments, quick!

    I am interested in memorials to events that took place in the history of the city (why yes, we really do just make this stuff up), as that gets people talking about the back story and helps introduce new roleplayers to the larger story. Storytelling aspect will have an impact on judging.

    Mureaux Park

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 14, 2015

      1st – Jimmy Branagh for the fabulous dancing goat. You owe the archives the backstory.

      2nd – Edward Pearse, for Titus O’Drum, first clockmaker. This will return to where the original monument was derezzed in Clockhaven.

      A tie. The of the wreath textures on Mr. Pearse’s monument was flickering, so I used as it the tiebreaker. The wreaths and the inscription would be better burned into the stone as a texture, rather than top placement, as the where not adding an addition 3d element to the object.

      • Edward Pearse Edward Pearse April 16, 2015

        I thought I’d fixed the flicker. Never mind. I’ll redo to the base texture before you put it out in Clockhaven.

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 14, 2015

      Close one!

      1st – Myrtil Igaly for the Chymifying Snatchroot (Snatchitae digestivus). The detailed description of the plant turned out to be the tiebreaker.

      2nd – Reverend Clarity for the oozing image of the Castor Oil Plant.  Very imaginative execution!


  8. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015

    sponsor: Steadman Kondor and the Quarry Hill School of Mines & Industries.
    land impact: 10 or less
    prizes: L$ 6000 to be shared with top 3 entries

    While Quarry is now an upmarket residential corner of the City, it was once heavily mined for coal to power the steam machinery. Many of these mines were closed but a few shafts have been kept for display a historical artifact.

    For the oiling festival, build a poppet head structure and mineshaft with wince turned by man, animal or engine. We suggest a historically realistic model with a touch of whimsy and working parts.

    You are also required to complete a miniature display only model for the Quarry Hill information centre.


    Rez on the Fells

    • Steadman Kondor Steadman Kondor March 18, 2015

      I have decided to change the land impact limit to 30 , to encourage more details and WOW factor. Looking forward to your builds, citizens!

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 13, 2015

      Only one entry – Jimmy Branagh! Please contact Steadman Kondor about placement of object to final location

  9. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015

    sponsor: The Cabbits & The NB Guild of Technology, Science, and The Arts
    land impact: up to 100
    Prizes: L$5000/2000/1000

    A practical hat is not only fashionable, it does something useful. You many submit multiple entries, but your total land impact cannot exceed 100.

    Rez hats on designated stands.

    • Zaros Xue Zaros Xue April 15, 2015

      The winners of the Practical Hat Competition are:

      Joint First – Bun for The Van Gogh Teapot Hat and Garnet​ for The ‘Progress’ Crowd Displacement Hat.

      Second – Jon Chen for the Gentlemen’s Smoking Fez.

      Third – Loki Alphaville for The Engineers Clock Hat.


      Congratulations all, the entries were marvelous!

      • Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery April 15, 2015

        I’m honoured.  These were fun entries, so well done all round :o)

        • Steadman Kondor Steadman Kondor April 16, 2015

          Well done Bun and Miss Garnet ! We hope the hats will be available soon!

  10. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk March 5, 2015

    sponsor: Bone’s Butchery
    land impact: 12 or less
    prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000

    What does the fauna look like? Kill it, skin it, and mount it, (or if it’s already extinct, steal it) and provide a placard to tell us a little about the beastie. Extra prims will be allowed if you need to put it on some sort of pedestal.

    Tomanah Hall – center floor.

    • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin March 5, 2015

      Oy! i’m a resident, not fauna! Keep off New Bababge foxes!

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 15, 2015

      1st – Satu Moreau for the museum quality mermaid

      2nd – Jimmy for the Giant Wiggyfish

      3rd – Chrono Cogshire for the very popluar Dormant Gelatinous Prim

      HM – Pumpkin Trisa for the air kraken, though i’m not sure if everyone saw it (look up!)

      Mayor’s Choice for Humor – April for Salud! to the rats of NB Sewers, a miniature of two rats sitting down at table to feast on a cockroach


      The Mermaid, Wiggyfish, the crow, and Air Kraken deserve to be housed in a museum. I am going to derez the men’s boarding house RFL relic in port babbage have have a RP walk through museum built on that site (who builds fast, hint hint. i’ll pay you), to support whatever Bookworm chooses for her welcome center (Bookworm, tell us what needs to go in there!)

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