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Oiling Festival 2014 – Street Lamps Results!

Some excellent entries ranging from basic to ornate works of iron, wall mounted, posts, and a rather tall pole! All entrants being exceptional builders made it a wonderful challenge to judge this category. Do stop in and have a look at them. Please note that the lamps I have chosen are not the final say as to which the city may be using. Mr Tenk will most likely make notice of the selection made by the city.


Honorable Mention: 500L
     Leaf Lampost by Sidney Arctor
    A really nice work that would be well suited for lighting garden, park pathways, or large greenhose entryways with it’s leaves and spiraling twist.

Third Place: 1000L
     Babbage Economy Gas Lamps by Loki Eliot
    This is your everyday, sturdy, give you something to lean on, pavement illuminating friend that almost any city could afford to put in for the amusement of umbrella carrying singers, rain or otherwise.

Second Place: 1500L
     Newfangled ‘Lectric Lighting by promiscute
    Something about this tall beacon of illumination calls out for one to try and climb to the very top, the restult of which would be quite shocking. I could see this fitting here and there in Clockhaven quite well.

First Place: 2000L
     Fancy Double headed street lamp by Myrtil Igaly
    I happened to catch Mr Mornington drooling over this one, and to be honest, after cleaning up the mess he made, I had to agree with him. A lovely, ornate, work of illuminating art than begs you to stop and give it a good looking over of it’s fine details. Urchins may be needed to clean these if installed within the vicinity of Brunel Hall.

Thank you all for entering your wonderful builds!

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  1. Myrtil Igaly Myrtil Igaly April 7, 2014

    Thank you!!!

    And congratulations to Dee, Loki and Sidney, whose lamps were all wonderful!

    I hope we can use lots of them in different parts of Babbage, as we discussed with some people.

    They all look different and I think it would add another identity mark to each area.

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