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Of Mine’s and Men

It was another hot day in New Babbage.  The sweltering heatwave that hit the city over the past two weeks caused a massive rise in the pub taking for all of the pubs across the city as workers and residents all drank away the heatwave.

Deep in the cellar of the Muirsheen Durkin, Mornington, and 3 small fellows from Falun was hunched over a barrel.  Over it was the map of The Fells.

“So…Mista M.  We drove down bore holes here, here and here…”

“What did you find!?”

The small man grinned up at Mornington.

“So I was right… there is coal down there after all…”

“Men… i want you to start laying out plans to… librate that coal, and anything else you may find down there, if you find any gold or gem stones…dont mark them in your log books, we can come to… an agreement…”

The three men grinned up at Mornington.

Mornington looked at his calender.  It was now more than a week since Tenk had started working on that clock…and it looked like Tenk was goung to be fixing it for a while.  With Underby off on matters outside of the city… it meant a free reign on whatever The Fells had to offer up.


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