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October.22.188X, pumpkin work

The pengi looked at the pumpkin, the boss had said to put treats in it, but it wasn’t going to give up it’s fish to urchins!  stomping it’s metal feet over, it poured in the candy and chocolate it was directed to, Looking in the pumpkin, the pengi saw it was still half empty. It then went inside.  Digging around in the pantry, it emerged with a bag, that it then proceeded to fill the pumpkin with.  Stopping to shove in a large cantelope that became stuck before continuing.  Not satisfied, it went up to the lab, as Grendel worked on operating on the zombie strapped to the table.  The mechanicle bird took some random tools, and the remnants of an old oil bee caught, and added those to the treats as well.  then, it went and scooped up some small rocks, into the pumpkin they went.  One of the zombie laborers dropped a finger as it mowed the flagstones, into the pumpkin went the finger. The pengi shoved the last bit of ‘treats’ into the bulging pumpkin and stepped back to admire it’s handy work.  As Grendel burst out the door. “You, the unprocessed zombies broke out of the pen again, help me round them up…” He stopped and looked at the pumpkin. “Who put a pumpkin on my porch?…”  The pengi slapped an iron flipper on it’s face in a facepalm.

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