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Oct. 4 – Fight to the Death (Part 2)

“Mr. Hyde! No!” Bookworm’s shout finally seemed to penetrate the man’s mind, and he drew back, breathing heavily, blood drenching his clothes and blade. Dr. Sonnerstein rushed over to the prone body. “I realize they’re resilient,” he said rather sarcastically, “but do you have to be so avid with drawing blood from them, Mr. Hyde?” He knelt down, checking for a pulse.

They could all hear the harsh, irregular breathing from Lucas – breathing that suddenly went out in a long sigh, and did not start again.

“And the lights come down,” Clawtooth said quietly.

“No!” cried Dr. Sonnerstein. He rolled the wolf over onto his back and began administering chest compressions.

Bookworm glared at Mr. Hyde. “What did you *do* that for?!” she shouted, as she knelt down also. She saw Mr. Hyde’s wicked smile suddenly fade. “I thought he was going to tear into someone,” he replied hurriedly.

Book fumbled at Lucas’s belt, trying to find some medicine. She found there was only one syringe on it, but it was full. She pulled it off and injected it into the wolf’s heart, hoping that might work, while Dr. Sonnerstein continued the compressions, trying to keep the blood circulating.

As she watched, keeping her fingers on Lucas’s pulse, she heard Mr. Hyde say, somewhat desperately, “Wright, I thought I saw you smacking him with the end of your gun. How hard did it… hit?” He groaned a little. There was no immediate response from Mr. Wright. “Well? You could have cracked his skull?”

“Reckon it did more than crack his skull,” Mr. Wright finally allowed. “Or it could have been the thirty-odd stab wounds you inflicted.”


“Yes. I counted.”

Bookworm was only half paying attention to them. “Why isn’t he healing?” she muttered.

Dr. Sonnerstein frowned and sighed. “He’s not going to come back. It should have worked by now, with the serum in him. At least a breath, or a jump of his heart.”

Mr. Wright stooped down, picking up the syringe Bookworm had set aside, which still had a little fluid inside. He held it up toward a street lamp. “No. That can’t be.”

Bookworm looked up at him. “What is it, Mr. Wright?”

“Poison, Miss Book,” he replied grimly. “Poison.”

“Poison?!” Dr. Sonnerstein looked from one to the other of them.

“With him, too?” Bookworm was startled, and appalled. “But why? He wasn’t in our custody!” She saw Dr. Sonnerstein’s questioning look, and told him of the incident at the asylum, and the inadvertent death of Jormung.

“No! Why?!” Dr. Sonnerstein breathed in dismay. Finally, he burst out with, “Gods, their creator is a bastard!”

“He is that, Dr. Sonnerstein.” Bookworm looked around, seeing that they were starting to attract onlookers. “I’ll get some militia members to bring the body to the hospital.”

“It’s all right. I can carry him.” The doctor folded the wolf’s arms over his chest, before he gathered up the body, straining to straighten up.

Mr. Wright, meanwhile, had been inspecting the syringe carefully, with both sight and scent. “I smell wolfsbane, and lavender. The chemical components I can’t make out – they’re too well mixed. But the organics are clear.”

Bookworm nodded, and began clearing a way for Dr. Sonnerstein. “Move along, people,” she said to the onlookers, leading the grim cortege south toward the hospital.

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  1. Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx January 11, 2016

    Later that night, after taking the potion to doff Hyde like a thick,
    blood stained overcoat, Dr. Jekyll stumbled to the operation room to
    check on the… Victim. Jekyll was visibly shaking as he walked in, anxious and devastated at what he had done. Or was it something Hyde had done? Never was there a more stark contrast in emotions, as the beast subtly chuckled in grim ecstasy while the doctor silently begging for forgiveness as he nervously opened the door…

    “Doctor… Dr. Sonnerstein?”

    Dr. Sonnerstein and Kasa looked up from their work, the latter carrying vials of blood and the former looming over the body. “Dr. Jekyll…” Sonnerstein replied, noting the tone of his colleague’s voice, “I take it, Mr. Hyde told you of the unfortunate incident?”

    “I…” Jekyll frowned, trying to remind himself of the order of events. Did the wolf attack first, or did Hyde? Would Wright have used his gun as a bludgeon had Hyde not interfered? And what of the poison? How long would it have taken to be discovered if that wolf had survived?

    After a moment of hesitation, Jekyll slowly nodded. “My god…”

    Sonnerstein nodded in understanding, then turned back to Kasa while he gently lifted the wolf’s limp arm. “Light?”

    Now, it would be illogical for Sonnerstein to request more light. He had been blind since birth, and on occasion he would go out in public wearing a thick oriental scarf for a blindfold. Therefore, it didn’t take long for Jekyll to realize they were talking about the body.

    “Yes,” Kasa explained in a soft, cautious voice, “His body felt a little lighter. Not sure why.”

    Sonnerstein hummed in thought.

    Kasa added, “He has a cavorite round in him.”

    “Ca… Cavorite?” Jekyll stepped closer for a better look at the body.

    “What all he was shot with…” Kasa pointed out the bullet hole next to two larger holes fired into him from Wright’s phosphorus bullets.

    Jekyll looked over the body, trying to note every injury once more. The bullet holes… Where the handle of the gun had struck the head… Every last gash Hyde had made…

    “Dr. Sonnerstein,” Jekyll looked up at his colleague, “You were at the scene. What did the group do to him, exactly?”

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