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Oct. 3 – Recovery Mode (Part 2)

Leon cracked a grin, but sobered as he looked back to Bookworm. “But you probably wanna hear more ‘bout the airship.” At her nod, he closed his eyes and continued, “It’s a four-prop turbine. No bag. Cavorite hull with iron supports. Steam engine, but it flies like a sailing ship, using a large tail fin to steer. It can’t turn fast, as it uses the wind mostly to go forward and back, but it can rise and lower like lightning. Their main armament is harpoon guns and a few light cannons, and small arms.” He sighed. “As fast as my ship, the ‘Little Wolf,’ was. They dropped on us so fast, I could not get away. Gonna miss my ship…”

“Know how yer feel. Was the same when the Flyin’ Vole went down.” Tepic echoed Leon’s sigh. “Still, once we finish the Bear Gang, we can build again.”

“Yeah. But Lucas… he is enraged over his brother’s death. Took it out on me… said he would kill the pure-blood that killed his brother.”

“Well, we have four of the gang in the asylum now, Leon,” replied Bookworm reassuringly. “And Mr. Wright thinks he might be able to help Snow.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Leon looked confused, and Bookworm realized he must not have heard. She explained, and the boy shook his head, looking distressed. “I see. Hope he can get better…”

Bookworm nodded. “We should let you rest now.” Tepic added his wishes for Leon’s recovery, and the three exited the room, heading back to the reception area.

As they entered the reception room, and saw the shape of one of the militia guards outside, Kasa commented, “We could use a few more guards, I think. Miss Clawtooth went home some time last night, but she’s been helping us out, keeping guard.”

“Miss Clawtooth? I don’t think I’ve met her,” mused Bookworm.

Kasa nodded. “I am also going to see if I can talk to Freya soon. I was cleared by Dr. Jekyll. Maybe I can get her to talk a little more – people seem to calm near me… well, most of the time.”

“She’s talked some to Lisa at the asylum.”

“I know – but maybe I can learn more about the concoctions they were around. It might help Dr. Sonnerstein and I with the serums.”

“True.” Bookworm smiled. “You’d know the right questions to ask.”

“Shame they won’t let me visit,” muttered Tepic.

“Yes, well, maybe if you’d heeded my advice about the asylum earlier…” Bookworm saw the look Tepic gave her, and knew that was falling on deaf ears. Kasa giggled a bit.

“From what I understand,” continued Kasa, “Kuga talked a bit to Professor Vartanian. He mentioned that their creator has a German accent.”

“A German?” Tepic’s ears perked up. “Didn’t Beryl go there on his holidays the other year?” When Bookworm nodded, he continued, “Ain’t told me ‘bout his trip there yet, but maybe he knows somethin’ ‘bout the bloke?”

“I could ask him when he’s awake.” Bookworm made a note in her notebook.

“From what I understand,” Kasa added, “they worry a lot about monsters from a nearby area. Mainly vampires and werewolves.”

“Ain’t no such things as vampires an’ werewolves,” said Tepic stoutly. “‘Cept up by Ravilin… an’ over the North Fells… an’ Bump way, of course… an’ possibly other places…” Kasa and Bookworm exchanged smiles. “Time I were off,” Tepic concluded. “See ya!”

Bookworm made her farewells also, heading outside and north, to a more… distasteful meeting.

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