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Oct. 17 — The Nerve of That Man!

((Private journal entry, but feel free to comment.))

Oh, I don’t think I’ve *ever* been so angry!

When Miss Viv and Miss Sera approached me about doing the Aether Salon this month, I was quite hesitant, especially with the topic of ‘Heroines.’ But they were in a bind, so I agreed to it. And actually, as I researched the topic, I became quite interested in it, though I wasn’t sure how interested others would be in my approach. I decided to discuss heroines of the past–and unusual ones, too, that perhaps others wouldn’t think of as being heroines–or heroines at all. Then I’d work my way to heroines of the present, such as Florence Nightingale and Miss Annie Oakley, and even those in our midst–Miss Jedburgh, Miss Sera, Miss Sheryl.

That was the plan, anyway.

I was nervous beforehand, and at the start. But people seemed attentive, and I was relaxing into it, when Dr. Obolensky dropped in–literally! He flew down using his chopper top hat, landing right in front of me! I rose to my feet, but before I could do anything, he shocked me with his ElectroCane, right there in front of everyone!

I came to some time later. I’m not sure how long it was, but it didn’t seem to have been too long, and perhaps not as long as Dr. Obolensky expected, as I could hear him still railing against what I’d been saying, and against heroines in general. And I…I was furious! That he would interrupt me like that, and hold everyone captive to his rantings, was simply too much! So I bided my time, and when I could tell that he had turned away from me, I leaped up and snatched away his ElectroCane, and smashed it on the floor. That felt quite good, actually–it let me release some of my anger. And he left when I did that, which was certainly another good thing.

Unfortunately, his attack upon me had left me with quite the headache, so I was unable to continue with the talk. And after all my hard work! It makes me want to say, with Benedick, “Well, I’ll be revenged as I may!”

((Ahh, *finally* have some time for writing! And no, I didn’t actually put in a great deal of work on the Salon talk–just enough to give it some verisimilitude. *wink* Just hope I didn’t bore those who attended too much!))

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  1. Arconus Arkright Arconus Arkright October 23, 2010

    My professors have their own low voltage ElectroCanes™ for when my classmates get bored and start to drift. I think Obolensky gives the Academy some kind of volume discount. Eeeeeeeevil!

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