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November 26 — Change of Seasons

Fleet Week went off rather well, I think. No major catastrophes, no hard feelings that I heard of. Even the potential of trouble by Dr. Obolensky didn’t realize itself. I attended the submersible races in which he competed–I would guess even he underestimated the engineering process of Master Branagh and Miss Edison. Their submersibles were *unbelievably* fast! Miss Dagger also won one of the Iron Melee competitions, and Mr. Mornington finished second twice in the Windjammer races. Made me proud to be a citizen of New Babbage!

There was also, of course, the monthly Ball at Piermont Landing. I was certainly able to earn my keep there with a good set of pictures. The next day was the Aether Salon, where Miss Rowan Derryth gave us an informative discussion about the Aestheticism movement. I employed my camera to decent effect again there.

I had decided, after much thought, not to go to my parents’ home for Thanksgiving, but to have a quiet dinner here. It turns out that was a wise decision, as an unexpected snowstorm hit New Babbage on Wednesday. I spent the day indoors, digging out my winter clothing and working on photographs. Luckily, it let up enough on Thursday for me to get out and buy some supplies.

What am I most thankful for? Right now, for peace and quiet. Well, relative peace and quiet, anyway. There are reports of some strange, hideous monster running about, but I, so far, have not seen hide nor hair of it–if it has hair. I’ll certainly be keeping a weapon with me, though, when I go out…just in case. I suppose it wouldn’t be New Babbage without some sort threat somewhere.

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