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nov 2nd. 188x, cleanup

The zombe stood staring at the canal, moving a foot over as if about to take a step on the water, then bringing it back.  He looked up as an ongoing series of clanging and the sounds of engines increased in volume, just in time for two iron pengi to slam into him, wrestling him to the ground.  Grendel came walking up, holding a long copper tube with a device on the end.  “Hold him steady.”  As the pengi’s laid on the thrashing corpse, Grendel extended the tube, holding it on one end as he pressed the other end to the zombies temple.  


Pulling the trigger, clockworks running the length of the tube activated, and two screws on either side of the end against the zombies skull started spinning, soon they were firmly bolted to the side of his head.  Grendel released the trigger, also releasing the device now fastened to the head of the zombie as he pulled the tube away.  The small black box clicked as the gears inside started turning, a blue light came on as the zombie stopped fighting the pengi.  “Now let him up.”


The pengi backed up as the zombie got to his feet and stared dully at Grendel, “now, #..” grendel looked at the tag hanging on the zombie’s ear, “234, please return to the holding pen in the basement with the others.”  The zombie groaned and turned, dutifully shambled back to the house.  Grendel looks at the yard “That should be the last of them, there may be a straggler or two, but they should be easily dispatched, I’m sur everyone’s had their yearly innovulation, let’s go get a drink.”  one of the pengi let out a mechanicle ‘wark’  “of course I’ll pay, but you still owe me from that poker game.”

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