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Notes from the Trade Meeting

Loki stood against the hole in the brick wall as the dishevelled vagrant read through the notes on paper brought to him only moments before.

“dear god boy, its like reading jibberish,” said the man with grim distain,”Education in New Babbage is a rare thing indeed, how the populus of this city prospered the builder only knows.”

“I tried my best sir” Replied Loki with a sigh, “Mr Briggs said almost the same thing after the trade meeting”

The Man continued to read the notes….


My notes of the meeting.

Cessadia Feetan, managing the Kahruvel Steamworks in Babbage Square until great grandson Salazar Jack, returns. interested in hiring to repair steam engine.

Thaddeus Popplefeet, famous Blacking, various lumber and raw material contracts. Factory employs criminals, mental patients and urchins.

Doctor Falcon of the Clockhaven Power Station. Scary invisible cableless power.

Miss Garnet Salty of Whitburg, runs small establishment providing fine quality feelings and jeewellery.

Elilka Sighs at beheads of landlady who does lamp and oil business on Jefferson Way. Stocks in the dyeworks across the square.

Mornington Biggest hotel in new babbage,  run the citys major water pump house and owns the new babbage gallery. Has small claim to mining rights in all of North Fells.

Bookworm Hienrichs member of the New Babbage Militants, likes to know everything.

Martien Potent Corvo, proper writer, in a social with Makoo ib shite, of New Babbage Blade & Bowels, on the Vernian Sea side of Canals. Offers bicycles to ride through the streets.

Jedbugh Dagger, commander of the Naval Militants, owner of a secretary and investigator service, and part owner in a shipping, manufacturing, and construction concern.

Pilipo Underwood, Eli’s son for Tesla group of scientists and businessmen from the Confetti of the last war in North Aggreson. In New Babbage to make medicine based on licker invented by George Poverendo and Tono Bungay.

Galactic Broken, of Broken Ethnic Building Materials. Building kilns to process the local clays into building products so we may free ourselves of tinny foreign bricks. Brick manufacture is labor intensive requiring strong backs.

Sir Emerson Lighthouse, MDPHDLLCDDSNBE adventurer two knights ago, rice retired. Co-owner of Gangplank tavern with Miss Ginsburg.

Aled Jones, owner of Timeless Timepieces watch and clock shop in Clockhaven.

Mr. Dark, businessman on the level of all you fine people, and mer entertainer. Deals in fantasy.

Nicholas Hurding business of entertainement for the fine gentlemen provided by ladies.

Dr. Viper here in the loo of employer, Master Zanc Canergak. Bold arse Memorial Hospital, air ambulance program.


“hmm, The usual land rights brag from Mornington, and a few leasiure businesses,” grumbles the man quietly to himself, “But this Poppleflop, Baroque, Thetan, this is where Krakenwell will accomplish his aims.”

“Sorry Sir?” Asks Loki

“Nothing Boy,” Snaps the man, “You heard nothing, or do i have to remind you again why you are here?”

“No sir, i heard nothing sir” Replies Loki looking at the stone floor”

“Good, now go,” Sneers the man, “i have things to prepare, and next time bring more food!”‘

Loki scrams through the hole in the brick wall and runs off down the sewers.

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  1. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery March 5, 2014

    *Is dumbfounded … then laughs heartily*

  2. Pilipo Underwood Pilipo Underwood March 6, 2014

    Well, there is a bit of alcohol in Tono-Bungay. But it’s only about sixteen percent, perhaps a little more , — twenty five percent tops. Okay, thirty. 

  3. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon March 6, 2014

    ‘Thaddeus Popplefeet, famous Blacking, various lumber and raw material contracts. Factory employs criminals, mental patients and urchins.’

    What could possibly go wrong! ^_^

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