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News from the Other Side

So wot happened to poor old Pocket?

Here I am on a strange hearth, I know nots how long I been here, but it ain’t been a year yet, for I got all them rings on me arms that he put on me for every kiss that Missy Stargirl gave him. Maggie come find me once, and I sent her off I did, rather than getting her tricked here too. I ain’t seen ol’ Mister Loosestrife much, I guessing he has his business elsewhere and maybe he forgetting about me, when one day I hear him calling for me to come to him. 

Well? Wot could I do? I put down me work and go looking for the part of me that belongs where he is, that is, in the last place I remember being before. I goes and follows his voice clear to that city were me and Maggie was that night before we was going to leave for America, were that blue glowing wotchacallit machine was in the middle of that little graveyard.



Whatever it was waren’t there no more, and neither was the rest of me. So I goes to find Lucy sitting in his tall chair in that little red room of his, and tell him so. 

Oh, it is a good joke alright, someone hiding me so I can’t come help him out, it is it is! You should see how mad he is! So I just goes back to me hearth and waits it out, rather than staying there and see wot he does next, and he can’t follow me neither, at least not all of him can, ’cause he has to stay in that little room of his. Hee hee!

I wouldn’t want to be in old Underby’s place tonight! No! No!

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  1. Heliotrope Lionheart Heliotrope Lionheart December 10, 2010

    Sorry I couldn’t help you out, Pocket.  I asked some “friends”, but my kind simply has little truck with your kind.

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